Thursday, May 30, 2024

Carten M210FWD Pro Competition 1/10 Touring Car Kit

One of the newer players in the world is Carten RC and they just announced the Carten M210FWD Pro competition 1/10 touring car kit.

Carten M210FWD Pro Competition 1/10 Touring Car Kit


The Carten M210FWD competition touring car kit is based on the M210R touring car, but developed for competitive FWD racing. This chassis uses a front motor layout to get the best weight distribution. The shaft drive enables a very low friction drivetrain. This is supported by ball bearings in every part of the drivetrain and ball differentials ensure that a perfect set-up is possible for all track conditions.


Carten M210FWD Pro Competition 1/10 Touring Car KitDrivetrain: Shaft Drive/ FWD
Track Width: 6.50 in. (165 mm)
Wheelbase (3 Versions)
NBA107-1: 8.27 in. (210mm)
NBA107-2: 8.86 in. (225mm)
NBA107-3: 9.41 in. (239mm)
Final Gear Ratio: 2.47 (42/17)
Spur/Pinion Gear: 72/39
Tire Diameter: 2.16 in. (55mm)


  • Full Ball Bearing
  • Steel CVD Driver Shaft
  • Composite Fiber Chassis, Upper Deck & Shock Tower
  • Aluminum Floating Servo Mount
  • Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Aluminum Spur Gear Hub
  • Aluminum Shocks
  • Metal Gear Differential
  • Full Turnbuckles
  • Full Aluminum Toe in Mount
  • Sway Bars

For more information, visit: CARTEN