Friday, March 31, 2023


Sneak Peek! Pro-Line Racing Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8”


Pro-Line Racing is at it yet again!  This time they look ready to release some sweet looking Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8” (Traxxas® Style Bead) All Terrain Tires.  Call me crazy but I see these finding their way onto …

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3-Gear Transmission for the B5M

Team Associated - 3-Gear Transmission for the B5M copy

The B5M 3-gear transmission provides the spec class racer with a lightweight/low rotating mass option to improve drivetrain efficiency. It features a smaller, lightweight top shaft which uses smaller diameter bearings for additional weight savings. It is also a great …

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Rocket Sensorless Brushless Motors On Sale at AsiaTees

Looking to upgrade the sensorless brushless motor in your rtr?  Then check out these speedy and powerful Rocket Sensorless motors over at AsiaTees.  They are even on sale!  Check out the video for more info!

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Tamiya TRF419 Touring Car Kit

Tamiya - TRF419 Touring Car

Tamiya has revised their successful touring car platform to make it even better.  While many of the suspension components remain the same, the TRF419 utilizes new upper and lower carbon fiber chassis plates and shock towers, a new aluminum motor …

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HPI D8T Tessmann Edition 1/8 Scale 4WD Truggy Kit

D8T Tessmann Edition 18 Scale 4WD Truggy Kit copy

World Champion Ty Tessmann has gone through the D8T truggy and made it an even more potent threat on the track.  Some of his tweaks include carbon fiber shock towers with new geometry, aluminum hub carriers and caster blocks, longer …

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Duratrax Onyx 225 AC/DC Advanced Charger

Duratrax - Onyx 225 AC-DC Advanced Charger copy

The Onyx 225 has an internal 60w power supply that enables it to charge packs of various types at 6-amps.  It comes capable of balance charging lithium based packs up to 6S in size and NiCd/NiMH packs up to 15 …

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Star Plug T-Style High Current Connector

Star Plug - Star Plug T-Style High Current Connector copy

The design of the Star Plug makes for quick installation by eliminating the need for heat shrink tubing due to the inclusion of a cap that separates from the main body. Simply slide the rear cap up the leads before …

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Give Your Wraith Some Serious Bling With Option Parts from AsiaTees

The Axial Wriath is one VERY popular off road rock racing machine.  To take it to the next level in performance, durability and looks the hop-up experts over at AsiaTees have made it easy to find the exact parts you …

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Check Out The Pro-Line PRO-MT 2wd Monster Truck Kit

Pro-Line - PRO-MT 2WD 1-10 Monster Truck Kit copy

Based in the successful Pro-2 short course truck, the PRO-MT 2wd Monster Truck Kit is ready for anything.  It features an extra thick Sentinel body, F-11 wheels with Trencher tires, a 3mm thick aluminum gun-metal anodized chassis, PowerStroke shocks with …

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Check It Out! The Vaterra 1986 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer Ascender RTR

Vaterra - 1986 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer Ascender RTR_4 copy

The 1986 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer Ascender RTR comes fully assembled with a 4-length adjustable wheelbase that incorporates a stamper-steel ladder-frame chassis, aluminum suspension links, a flashy red prepainted body and more.  On the electronics side of things, it comes standard …

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First Look – AsiaTees has the 3Racing Sakura Ultimate 2014

Sakura_2014_Ultiamte copy

A short while back I was lucky enough to review the 3Racing Sakura Ultimate 4wd touring car.  I was rather impressed and when work hit that they were set to release a 2014 version I was very excited.  Our friends …

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TLR Brass Mid-Motor 35g Hinge Pin Brace for 22 Series Vehicles

TLR - Brass Mid-Motor 35g Hinge Pin Brace for 22 Series Vehicles copy

Add 35g of weight right where you need it, behind the motor but in front of the rear axles.  The result is increased traction and keeping a low center of gravity to improve handling. Ideal for all 22 series vehicles …

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More Axial Yeti Goodies From Hot Racing

yet38a01 copy

Don’t like stripping out the wheel hubs on your Yeti?  Hot Racing doesn’t either.  Thats why they are bringing you part YET10A06!  Hardened aluminum wheel hubs solve the greatest defect in the Yeti design and allow more bashing, more crawling, …

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On The Go? Check out the AKA Backpack and Cinch Sacks

AKA - Backpack and Cinch Sacks_2 copy

The AKA Backpack is constructed of durable, water-resistant nylon that is crafted with 3 main compartments and 16 auxiliary pockets. The rear compartment features a padded laptop sleeve while the center compartment can easily fit an 1:8 scale buggy. A …

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Hobby Pro / PR RC SB401 4WD 1/10 Buggy

PR Racing - SB401_1 copy

PR Racing and Hobby Pro Distribution has been hard at work developing the SB401 4wd Competition Buggy. The motor can be mounted in the front when using saddle packs or toward the rear when using a shorty pack. It has …

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