Sunday, April 21, 2024

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ARRMA Big Rock Crew Cab 3S BLX Review

ARRMA Big Rock

ARRMA has certainly dished out a bunch of amazing radio control car, truck and buggy offerings with their 4×4 platform. They have vehicles in their brushed Mega form and brushless with the BLX. With the BLX badge, it also means …

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Spektrum DX5 PRO DSMR Transmitter Review

Like vehicles, chargers and batteries, there certainly isn’t a shortage in selection. The same holds true for radio equipment. There are many models to choose from and that’s just in the offerings from Spektrum RC. We got our hands on …

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Rage R/C Mini-Q 4WD DIY RTR Review

Rage R/C Mini-Q

It’s winter at the time of this review and that is when we get the urge to check out mini and micro cars. Smaller RC’s are perfect for indoor fun when it cold or snowy out. The Rage RC Mini …

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Redcat Racing Gen8 International Scout II Truck Review

As our channel has been growing, so have the requests for Redcat Racing product reviews. We admittedly don’t have much experience with Redcat’s vehicles, but that just changed! RC Driver was lucky enough to secure one of the first Redcat …

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Arrma Granite 4×4 BLX Brushless RC Monster Truck Review

Arrma Granite 4x4 BLX

ARRMA is getting a lot of attention since they have refined their vehicle line to be some of the most action packed bashers in the RC world. We’ve had a blast with the ARRMA Granite Voltage, the ARRMA Granite 4×4 …

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LapMonitor Timing System For Practice Or Racing

LapMonitor Timing System

Drivers are always looking for something extra to do to their RC racing cars to make them quicker on the track. Some buy the best batteries or motors. Others spend lots of time tuning. And of course there is practice. …

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Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco Project Truck Build – Series Intro

TRX-4 Ford Bronco Project

The Traxxas TRX-4 has a rapidly expanding fan base and its for good reason. This scale trail crawler is loaded with cool features and has a number of amazing looking bodies available to top it off. Traxxas also offers a …

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Top 5 RC Truck Gifts Under $200

Looking for a super cool present to give someone? You found the right video. A RC truck as a gift is sure to wow whoever is on the receiving end. Radio Control Trucks deliver on excitement year round and here …

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Tamiya DynaHead 6X6 Off-Road G6-01TR Review


The Tamiya G6-01 platform is a 6×6 RC vehicle that certainly delivers some unique driving experiences. We’ve reviewed the Tamiya KongHead and King Yellow and they’ve recently added another truck to the G6-01 line-up, but this time with a twist. …

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Shock & Tower Upgrade – Latrax Rally by Traxxas

There’s more to do on our Mini Road Warrior project. This time we’re working on the suspension. The stock Latrax Rally shocks and towers work fine, but we want more. More I tell you! In this video we’re going to …

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Traxxas Slash RC Drag Car Project Part 4

Our first ground up build (Gasser) drag car has been an interesting experience. We’ve spent a lot of time wheeling so many different cars, but we’ve never paid much attention to drag racing. This growing segment in RC really caught …

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Pro-Line Racing Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 Short Course Truck Kit Unboxing

Pro-Line Racing Pro-Fusion SC 4x4

The Pro-Line Racing Pro-MT 4×4 RC truck has built up a cult like following in the RC world with lots of enthusiasts flocking to this truck for it’s brute strength, performance handling and stunt-like ability. So Pro-Line has decided to …

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Arrma Granite Voltage Brushless Upgrade How To

Granite Voltage Brushless

The Arrma RC Granite Voltage proved to be a great entry level RC truck when we reviewed it. The kit includes everything you need to get started in RC and most importantly, get into RC successfully. We’ve put a lot …

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RC4WD Gelande II Cruiser Action

RC4WD Gelande

RC Driver is more than just an awesome Youtube channel where you can learn about and see cool radio control products. We also have a great website loaded with content where you can get even more great RC content. One …

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ECX Barrage UV FPV 1:24-Scale Truck Review

ECX Barrage UV FPV

We’ve been asked a number of times over the years; is RC a good alternative to video games? Usually it comes from parents and of course we tell them it is. Is it really? Well, everyone has their interests and …

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