Monday, April 22, 2024

DEX210v3 MM Chassis Conversion by Exotek Racing

Exotek Racing - DEX201v3 MM Chassis Conversion_2 copy

Exotek introduces this new mid motor chassis upgrade, with testing and feedback by factory drivers, that brings the trusted DEX210 buggy (v1, v2, v3) to the forefront of mid motor clay track performance. The MM chassis allows lateral shorty battery positioning for optimal performance on indoor clay tracks.

Exotek Racing - DEX201v3 MM Chassis Conversion copy


– Excellent for stock or mod.

– Unmatched traction and low CG thanks to the the weight optimzed 7075 alloy chassis.

– 2.5mm 7075 alloy bottom plate for proper stiffness and strength.

– 100% machined bolt on side rails, made of black delrin.

– More narrow profile- for better ground clearance and reduced parachuting.

– Stiff chassis design thanks to the bolt on battery brace/top plate and delrin side rails. Perfect for indoor clay race tracks.

– Easy lipo access carbon lipo strap that also acts as a top plate. The lipo strap is fastened to the rear alloy brace and 2 alloys posts.

– Battery brace allows easy multi-adjust battery positioning for more rearward or forward weight bias.
– Machined 7075 alloy nose plate
– Includes machined delrin antenna mount.

-2mm wheelbase (compared to stock v3) for increased responsiveness in tight indoor tracks.

– Increased chassis ‘footprint’ allows more options for electronics placement. This also allows for proper weight balancing while maintaining a lower CG.

– The narrower than stock chassis requires the use of any body designed for the 22 3.0. The use of 22 3.0 bodies insures no body shortages- works great with the PRO-LINE 22 3.0 Predator body! Velcro is also required for body retention.

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