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Quality Affordable Tools Do Exist – Dynamite RC Machined Hex and Nut Driver Sets

Tools, tools, tools, there are so many tools available in the RC market, how do you possibly choose a set? This may make things easier. Dynamite RC has been offering RC tools as part of their accessory line for quite some time and we’ve personally had great luck with their sets. So when we saw a new nut and hex driver set among Dynamite’s offerings, we had to check them out. Lightweight aluminum handles, well machined tips, identification markings; these are signs of being great tool sets. Could these be the next tool sets in your RC workshop?

Dynamite Tool Set



The Dynamite RC tool sets here are some of the newer tools offered by the brand and fall under the names Machined Hex Driver Set and Machined Nut Driver Set. Both types are offered in Metric and SAE version in the hardware sizes most vehicles are equipped with. Starting off with the handles, they are red anodized machined aluminum with the Dynamite logo etched in the middle. The handle has machined slots that act as the grip with a step for thumb placement. At the end of each handle is a plastic cap that is color coded to indicate the set it belongs to. The tool’s size is also printed on the endcap that spins as rotates in the palm of your hand. On the tool side, quality bits are secured to the handle with a single set screw. Both the hex and nut drivers have their sizes etched into the shafts for additional identification. The bits appear to be machined from quality tool stock and the hexes have nice sharp edges to bite into the hardware. Each set comes packaged in a nice plastic box with hinged lid and locking clips to keep the case closed during transport. The inside, the tools are stored in cut-outs in a large dense foam block.

WHO MAKES IT: Dynamite Tool Hex and Nut Driver Sets
PART NUMBER: Metric Nut- DYNT2010, Metric Hex- DYNT2030, SAE Nut- DYNT2000, SAE Hex- DYNT2020 
PRICE: $29.99 each set
INCLUDES: 4 tools, foam insert and plastic box


  • Lightweight handle with good grip
  • Quality tool machining
  • Easy to identify
  • Great storage case


  • Some end caps did not spin freely



Our initial impression of the tools was that they were comfortable to hold and after just a little use, that impression was correct. The handles had the right amount of grip to break free some stubborn screws. The hex drivers fit tight into most hardware we tried them on and of course the nut drivers fit the hardware perfectly too. The one thing we did notice was that the end caps were pretty tight because of their inner o-ring retainer. But if you pop the cap and place a drop or two of oil on the o-ring and reinstall it, the cap spins free in the palm of your hand as you wrench. Storage is neat and tidy inside of their included boxes and even all four boxes stacked on top of each other doesn’t take up too much real estate inside of your pit bag.

The Dynamite RC Machined Tool Sets will cost you around thirty dollars per set which is is a very affordable price for four quality tools that come in their own foam padded storage case. The tools come in most popular sizes, are comfortable to use and feel like they fit into most hardware with precision. We highly recommend these tools for drivers looking for a great set of hex or nut drivers without breaking the bank.


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