Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Evil Off-Roader – ECX1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday

Someone let their imagination run wild over in the ECX RC design department… really wild. ECX has announced the 1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday and it looks like one mean machine. Taking its cue from the impressive ECX Barrage, the ECX 4WD Barrage Doomsday commands your attention and seals the deal with incredible features such as 4WD drive train, 4-link suspension, high torque 390-size motor, waterproof electronics, scale monster truck wheels and tires, and a post apocalypse style body with LEDs. With the Barrage Doomsday, you get a level of realism unmatched by other similarly priced vehicles. New drivers will love the incredible patina finish, composite roll cage, engine, exhaust, and LED lights. This virtually indestructible vehicle can go anywhere including tall grass, woods, mud, as well as your neighborhood creek and can clear rocks easily. Plus, you get all of this excitement without breaking your budget or your drive train.

ECX1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday


-Super user friendly speeds with impressive crawling capabilities: Fun for anyone from beginner to expert
-Scale Body and Chassis
-Completely Ready to Run: Everything needed is in the box
-Waterproof electronics: Drive in any conditionECX1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday
-ECX 2.4GHz 2-Channel Radio System: Interference free driving
-900mAh battery: Over 30 minutes of run time
-One step charger: Plug in the battery and it charges automatically
-4WD drive train: Extreme traction for climbing
-Metal ring and pinion gears: Durability and longevity
-Locked differentials: No slip and true 4WD power
-4-link suspension: Increased articulation and ability to scale most obstacles
-Oil-filled, coil over shocks: Adjustability and superior handling
-Aluminum front hubs and rear bumper: Durability and styling
-Combination composite and aluminum main frame: High strength and durability
-High torque motor: Maximum crawling power in a small efficient package
-Axle mounted steering servo: Weight down low to provide low CG
-1/10 scale servo compatible: Can use readily available electronics
-Advanced battery mount system: Adjustability for different conditions
-Full ball bearings: Efficiency and increased run time



ECX1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday

ECX1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday


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