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ECX Temper 1/18 4WD Rock Crawler

ECX Temper 1/18 4WD Rock Crawler

When looking for the ability to go anywhere off-road at any time, a micro rock crawler may be the machine that suits you best. New to the ECX line of vehicles is the Temper, a 1/18 4WD brushed motor rock crawler and its perfect for that driver looking for those RC anywhere any time requirements in an RC car. The Temper is RTR so you can pick it up and have in running through trails and rough terrain after simply charging the battery. The small machine has some impressive looks with its buggy body with wild paint, aluminum frame plates, aluminum suspension links and aggressive treaded tires. The price of this RTR is also very impressive and makes us want to take a closer look.

Manufacturer: ECX
Distributed By: Horizon Hobby
Product: Temper
Class: 1/18 4WD Rock Crawler
Power system: Electric/ Brushed
Kit type: RTR
What’s in the box: Assembled vehicle with motor and electronics installed, 2-channel 2.4gHz radio, AA batteries, 7.2v battery, charger, painted body and manual.
Needed to complete: Nothing
Who it’s for: Beginner and up
Part Number: ECX01003
Price: $129.98

The first thing that stands out on the Temper are all the blue anodized aluminum goodies. The chaissis plates are 2mm thick, aluminum is used for all of the suspension link, steering link and upper shock braces. The motor plate and shock caps too are aluminum which is a pleasant surprise for a machine of this size and price point.
The axles are the same front and rear with the rear steering set-up with a locking link. Up front the standard size servo mounts to the top of the axle and features a heatsink to keep it cool; also impressive for an RTR machine. Inside the axles, the components ride on ball bearings and the gears are steel, lockers keep all the wheels moving when navigating rough terrain. In the center a high torque motor spins the central gearbox and power is sent to the axles via telescoping universal driveshafts.
For electronics, a Spektrum S603 swings the steering arms while a 2-in-1 ESC/ Reciver takes care of controls and throttle response. A Dynamite 900mAh NiMh battery comes in the truck and is fitted with quality EC3 connectors. Even the wires are neatly routed through the machine from the factory, we like the attention to details here.
On each corner are aggressive rock crawler treads mounted on bealock rims; the chrome blue beadlock is certainly a nice touch. For those of you wondering, the hex pattern is a standard 12mm type. Finally the body on the rig is a unique buggy-like lexan shell prepainted and decaled from the factory. The body posts secure it from the sides rather than on the top.

Since this is just a look at the Temper from the bench, the rig looks like a fun and quality machine. The shocks are smooth and it has excellent articulation. The frame is strong and the steel outdrives on the center universals means no need to upgrade later. The completeness of the package is perfect for first time rock crawlers looking to hit the off-road adventure scene as soon as possible.

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