Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Furitek Brushless Motor Options For The TRX-4m

Furitek has quickly become the go to source for small scale crawler brushless systems, you can see the options here: https://bit.ly/3ruKKBA They have something for just about every mini crawler and scale truck out there and even options when it comes to motors and ESC’s. Greg got a couple options in from Furitek for a TRX4m build and thought a quick comparison video may help you decide which brushless option is right for you.

Cedar BL Motor Fits TRX4m- https://bit.ly/44VRvet
Stellar Transmission with Kumdo Motor- https://bit.ly/3OOMPSo
Python Pro ESC- https://bit.ly/45cXYlL
Batter Adapter Wire- https://bit.ly/3Yw3xco
Hobby Porter CT-01 Radio- https://bit.ly/3spKPqH

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