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Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or Truck


Chances are, if you are reading this article on RCDriver.com, you most likely acquired a RC car or truck over the recent holidays. If you are like most RCers, you are already itching to modify your new ride with different wheels and tires, body or other accessories. Pro-Line is the perfect destination where you can find all of those items. They have a massive assortment of bodies, wheels and tires nicely arranged by vehicle type which allows you to see what is available for your specific car or truck. What you might not realize is that there are a bunch of other accessories that Pro-Line offers. Here we will show you the Pro-Line gear for your new car or truck that can boost performance, appearance and make working on your ride more enjoyable and easier.

Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or Truck

Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks—#PRO631601

Gaining performance with your new car or truck is not just about adding more power with a faster motor or gearing change. Dialing in the suspension with high-quality shocks can change how your vehicle handles the surface it is running on for the better which therefore leads to a faster car or truck. Pro-Line offers a good variety of shocks for many types of vehicles and even different types of shocks.

Shown here are the Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks designed for rock crawlers. They are sold in pairs and come out of the box almost fully assembled with all you need to do is add the shock oil of your choice and install them onto the chassis. The shocks are made up of CNC machined aluminum shock caps, collars, bodies, and bottom caps. Notice that the caps collars and bottom caps have a great-looking blue anodized finish while the bodies are anodized a bright chrome color. In order to make the shocks operate as smoothly as possible with low friction and no leaks, Pro-Line manufactured the Pro-Spec shocks with exacting tolerances and utilized hard chrome coated steel shock shafts and X-Ring seals. Rounding out this shock package are realistic looking and performing dual rate springs.


6” Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kit—#PRO627602

Realistic scale vehicles are incredibly popular and the Pro-Line Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kits not only add scale realism to a vehicle, but also function. Pro-Line offers five different LED Light Bar Kits including a 2-inch (#PRO627600), a 4-inch (#PRO627601), a 5-inch (#PRO627603), a 6-inch (#627602) shown here and a 1/5 Double Row 6-inch light bar kit. Each kit is equipped with real, working LED lights. The LED Light bulbs are pre-wired with a 12-inch long cable that can plug directly into your receiver for power. The Lights are rated for 6V to 12V power, so you have the option to plug directly into a 3S LiPo power source for Super-Bright LED Light. The LED Lights are housed in a durable Black Nylon housing branded with a P-L logo. Mounts and hardware are included so that you can do a custom install on your Rock Crawler, Rock Racer, 1/8 monster truck, 1/10 monster truck or even a 1/5-scale vehicle.


PRO-Series 32P Transmission—#PRO635000

Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or TruckOut of all of the Pro-Line products mentioned here, the Pro-Line PRO-Series 32P Transmission is the one that requires the most effort to install yet you will be rewarded with awesome performance. It fits the Traxxas Slash 2WD, Stampede 2WD, Rustler 2WD and Bandit. This tranny is actually an updated version of the original Pro-Line transmission. The engineers at Pro-Line made this one stronger and even more capable so that it can handle the extreme motor systems that are currently available. At the same time, they made sure to carry over all the elements of the previous tranny that made it so well-loved. As an added benefit, the Pro-Line PRO-Series 32P transmission comes pre-built to make the install easier.

Inside of the PRO-Series 32P transmission is a sealed differential that comes pre-filled with grease. If you need to change the type of oil used, it can be swapped with optional diff oil so that you can tune the transmission to your specific application. Along with tuning the diff, you can also tune the racing-style slipper system via an adjusting nut.

One of the big changes on the PRO-Series 32P tranny is the switch to a 32P 56-tooth spur gear which will help make stripped spur gears a thing of the past. You have the option of picking a 32P pinion gear between 10- and 18-tooth pinion gears for normal 540 sized motors. Diving further into the transmission housing, you will find all hardened steel internal gears. It is another welcome feature that will give you the peace of mind that the tranny will be handle serious power. Each of the gears spin on high quality ball bearings including the differential that is supported by huge 10x16x5 bearings for outstanding load capability.

Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or Truck

Pro-Line engineers did not stop with upgrading just the inside of the transmission and made sure they examined the design of the case. Now the case is built to be stronger to handle more abuse and the aluminum motor mount is attached to the case with three screws. The motor plate is new with blue anodizing, a laser-etched PL logo and at 3mm thick it acts as a giant motor heat sink to help keep temps in check. At the rear is a solid bumper with mounting holes that are in the same locations as the stock Traxxas ones so that you have near endless bumper and wheelie bar attachment options.



1/8 Trifecta Rear Buggy/Truggy Wing—#PRO624903

Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or TruckObviously aerodynamics are critical when racing whether it be an 1/10-scale touring car or a 1/8-scale off-road buggy. Pro-Line/PROTOform makes wings for touring cars as well as for 1/10- and 1/8-scale off-road buggies and truggies. Highlighted here is the Pro-Line 1/8 Trifecta Rear Buggy/Truggy Wing. As its name implies, there are three benefits with this wing: performance, durability and style. The molded plastic Trifecta features a bi-level design with multiple center fins to create some serious stability. Underneath the main plate of the wing are three dimples that hang down on each side which will increase low speed downforce and they will reduce drag at high speeds. There are also two optional wickerbills that come with the Trifecta to give you some extra tunability and Pro-Line includes the mounting hardware. Finally, the wing has an aggressive, futuristic design that nicely pairs with the current style of today’s vehicles and can be detailed with the decals that come with the wing.


1/10 Ridge-Line High-Clearance Front Crawler Bumper—#PRO634100

Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or TruckWe give two thumbs up for the versatility of the Pro-Line Ridge-Line High-Clearance Crawler Front Bumper. You can either run this bumper with the included molded winch fairlead or you can swap it out and drop in the Pro-Line 2” Super-Bright LED Light Bar (6276-00). Additionally, this bumper comes with a separate push bar that can be installed depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Pro-Line designed the Ridge-Line bumper to achieve the highest front bumper clearance that is possible while still maintaining a realistic look. It has a small compact design that is only 4-inches wide and features D-Ring shackles attached on either side of the winch fairlead opening. You are able to directly bolt it right up to either the Axial SCX10, Traxxas TRX-4 and Vaterra Ascender rock crawlers for a no fuss installation. If you are handy, you can very likely make this Pro-Line bumper fit your 4X4.

1/10 Overland Scale Roof Rack—#PRO627800

Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or TruckSimilar to the Ridge-Line bumper, the Pro-Line Overland Scale Roof Rack offers some nice adaptability.
It is perfect for attaching scale accessories to your 4×4 and it was also designed so that you can mount the Pro-Line PRO627600 2” Super-Bright LED Light Bar and the PRO627601 4” Super-Bright LED Light Bar kits. The 4” Light Bar can be installed on the front of the Overland Roof Rack while the 2” Light Bar bolts onto the rear and casts light behind your truck. Each light bar includes mounts in the package.

Durable black Nylon material was used to mold the two-piece tubular roof rack and it includes hemispherical roof rack mounts. These mounts make it possible to mount the rack on roofs that are not perfectly flat or onto a cage. You will also notice that the rack is equipped with numerous openings covering the bottom of the rack so that you can attach ties and straps to secure your scale accessories.


1/10 Stinger Drag Racing Wheelie Bar—#PRO635100

Pro-Line Gear For Your New Car Or TruckThe latest and most popular segment in RC are the no-prep drag cars that people are buying and customizing. A drag body alone is not enough to complete the look or provide all the necessary performance for a true drag car. Pro-Line comes to the rescue with this Stinger Drag Racing Wheelie Bar. It is molded out of stiff and durable black Nylon and resembles full-size steel wheelie bars for the ultimate look and performance. The lightweight design with single ball bearing supported wheel will assist your drag car to hold is line down the course. Pro-Line made sure that it would be adjustable so that you can tweak the height and dial in your car. It comes with a spare wheel and is designed to easily install onto a Traxxas Slash 2WD short course truck.


1/10 Pro-Pulls—#PRO605001

Finishing off our list of Pro-Line gear for your new car or truck are these Pro-Line Pro-Pulls. The Pro-Pulls are available for 1/10-scale (PRO605001) and 1/8-scale (PRO605101) vehicles and although a simple gadget, they are very handy. Pro Pulls are made from ultra durable rubber and attach to body clips. Once installed it makes the removal of the body clips quick and easy, especially important in a race setting when every second counts. The rubber tab of the Pulls makes it very easy to grasp so that you can swiftly remove the body clip. Each package includes 12 rubber pulls and 20 body clips, regardless if it is the 1/10 or the 1/8 packs.


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