Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ghostbusters RC Car Build

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s June 2016 issue.

By David Baker

I called Chris Hartsell, from Dundalk, MD when I saw what he was cooking up for some monster truck racing because I knew I wanted a closer look. Ghostbusters is one of my favorite movies so it’s no surprise that Chris’ Ecto 1 caught my attention. It isn’t the first time I have seen an RC Ecto 1 but it’s the first Clod based version I’ve seen and it has a roof full of ghost busting equipment.


The HPI Graverobber hearse body may not quite match the ambulance body of the original vehicle but you have to admit it sure does pull it off . Chris’ friend, Rob Wozniak created the 3D printed roof equipment from a file he found online. Chris hand-painted it for more detail. The movie themed body is brought to life by sitting atop a monster truck based on a Tamiya Clodbuster. The Crawford Performance Engineering 2K15 chassis, Clod gearboxes and Integy axle tubes and knuckles create the foundation for a race worthy truck that will soon be competing at Diggers Dungeon for the No Limit RC Monster Truck World Finals. Twin Castle Sidewinder 3 speed controls give the truck its power.

The Terminator 2K15 chassis is from Crawford Performance Engineering. The tires are Pro- Line Destoyers. The shocks, axle tubes and knuckles are from Integy. Power comes from Castle Sidewinder 3 speed controls.[/caption]


Have you or someone you know created a movie replica RC vehicle? It could be a boat, car truck or plane. I want to see it! If I can get enough interest and enough high quality builds and photos I will do a multi page feature in a future issue. I have a list of things from movies that I’ve always wanted to build. At the top is the Orca from the movie Jaws. I actually have the plans here to build one from scratch. It’s a time consuming build so I keep procrastinating… but someday… just maybe. Show me what you’ve done or tell me what you want to see created. Email photos and information to editors@rcdriver.com.


In all my years in the hobby and working for RC Driver I have never put together a purpose built race Clod. It has always been on my list but just never happened. After meeting with Chris to check out his Ghostbusters Ecto1 replica Clod I have a renewed interest in getting one of these back on my project list.

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