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“Hot Deals” from RC4WD

Our RC hobby is pretty big when you consider all the different manufacturers and companies that create and sell remote control products. It is large enough that it is easy to miss the cool features offered by some of the companies. One feature that we bet most people have missed is the Hot Deals page on the RC4WD website. As the name implies, the Hot Deals from RC4WD page is where you can find some great deals on numerous different RC parts.

If you go to the RC4WD website and look at the tabs running across the top of the page, you will find one that says “Hot Deals”. When you click on it, it brings you to the Hot Deals page which is filled with items being sold at a reduced price. This page gets updated with new products so if you see something that you want, you need to act so you don’t miss out.

You should know that RC4WD is not just a vehicle manufacturer, but they also sell numerous different parts for several different vehicles. Here we will show you some of the awesome finds we came across when shopping on the RC4WD Hot Deals page one day. We ended up getting eight hop-up option parts for three of our in-house trucks: the Axial SCX10 II Wrangler, the RC4WD Gelande II Cruiser and the Tamiya Mountain Rider. Since there were so many parts available on the Hot Deals page, we had to narrow it down to just three trucks. We based this decision on what we had in-house and what trucks were still in stock form and needed some upgrade love. Below we list the RC4WD hop-up parts that we added to each of our trucks.

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Axial SCX10 II Wrangler

Aluminum tube front fender for Axial Jeep Rubicon (Silver) – #Z-S1154

We chose to upgrade the stock fenders with these great looking CNC machined aluminum fenders from RC4WD. They have an anodized silver finish and easily bolted onto our Axial Wrangler body. They add a level of durability not to mention making the Jeep look tougher.



Rampage front recovery bumper – #Z-S0997

The Rampage front recovery bumper has a universal design that allows it to be mounted on more than one type of truck. It will work with the Aixal SCX10 chassis line of trucks as well as the RC4WD Trail Finder 2. With that said, you will need to get the correct mounting brackets to work with your specific truck. Since we are mounting the bumper on our Axial SCX10 II Wrangler, we picked up the universal bumper mounts listed below.

This bumper is officially licensed by Rampage Products and are only available from RC4WD and its dealers. It features a heavy-duty steel construction that has been expertly CNC machined, hand welded and completed with a black powder-coated finish. You will also find it is equipped with 5m LED light mounting locations, winch mounting holes, a protective winch stinger bar, raised ends to allow for better suspension articulation as well as better clearance for oversized tires.


Universal front bumper mounts to fit Axial SCX10 – #Z-S0987

With this Universal front bumper mount, installing the Rampage front recovery bumper was simple. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing parts from RC4WD, is to check and make sure there aren’t other items that are needed to install the part. The great thing with RC4WD is that they will clearly show you what else is needed on the website.


Metal rolling rack for Axial SCX10 Wrangler w/ lights – #VVV-C0260

The standout part for our Axial Wrangler is definitely this sweet roof rack made by CCHand. We really like how the anchor points are down low on the body and creates a cage effect. Installing the rack did take a little bit of extra time compared to the other parts we are showing here, but it was hassle-free. It is made of hand welded stainless steel that is then nicely powder-coated. You will notice that it comes with a bar to install the included light buckets. The light buckets will accommodate 3mm LEDs.


RC4WD Gelande II Cruiser

RC4WD Tough Armor tube sliders for G2 Cruiser – #Z-S1625

Not only do the RC4WD Tough Armor tube sliders look cool, but they are functional as well. Each slider screws into existing holes in the chassis with no fuss. We decided to leave the plastic sliders on our Cruiser body. If you want to completely expose the Tough Armor sliders, you will need to cut off the plastic ones from the body. We were impressed by how heavy-duty these units are and are not surprised since they are coming from RC4WD. Each is made from hand welded steel tube that is then powder coated black.


ARB Bull Bar front bumper for G2 Cruiser – #Z-X0028

If scale realism is your goal, then this licensed ARB Bull Bar front bumper is a great addition to your truck. The detail and quality is unmatched on this bumper to give you durability and scale looks. It will work on the RC4WD Gelande II line of trucks. This hefty bumper weighs in at 5-ounces, is machined from billet aluminum, hand welded and completed with a black powder coating. You even get an ARB decal sheet so your truck can proudly display the upgraded gear it carries. Lastly, the opening in the middle of the bumper allows you to install one of RC4WD’s functioning winches.



Tamiya Mountain Rider

Steel tube side steps for Tamiya Hilux & Bruiser (Black) – #VVV-C0118 AND Steel tube rear bumper for Tamiya Hilux & Bruiser (Black) – #VVV-C0114

The last two items essentially go together. The CCHand steel tube side steps match the CCHand steel tube rear bumpers and replace the stock plastic units. They are constructed of heavy-duty steel tube and powder coated to have a gloss black appearance. You can get these upgrades installed onto the truck in a matter of minutes using the same mounting locations as the stock units. We have these parts installed on our Tamiya Mount Rider and they will also fit the Tamiya Bruiser (re-release and original), the vintage Tamiya Toyota Hilux High-Lift kit(not the new version) and the Tamiya Toyota Mountaineer.



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