Monday, April 22, 2024

HPI Sprint 2 Sport – Chassis Upgrade

HPI Sprint 2 Sport - The Chassis

Part 2 of the HPI Sprint 2 Sport Project revolves around the chassis. Since this project is going from mild to radically wild, I’m starting by swapping out the stock plastic platform (and top deck) with a beautiful carbon fiber setup from Exotek Racing. This chassis is made from high-quality, 2.25mm thick carbon fiber and has a slightly improved design to help eliminate some of the issues with the stock unit.

HPI Sprint 2 Sport - The Chassis

The install is actually quite simple. First, I removed the wheels and tires and disconnected all the stock electronics (we’ll be replacing these anyway). I then flipped the Sprint 2 over and removed the 16 screws securing the plastic chassis to the bulkheads, steering and battery area. Next, I took the new Exotek carbon fiber chassis, set it into place and re-installed the screws. Super easy and took less than five minutes.

I flipped the Sprint 2 back over and removed the six screws holding the plastic top deck in place. Once removed, I dropped the Exotek carbon fiber top deck into place and secured it. Again, really easy and less than two minutes work.

HPI Sprint 2 Sport - The Chassis

As a bonus, Exotek also includes a carbon fiber bumper brace. That, of course, was installed as well.

HPI Sprint 2 Sport - The Chassis

So there you have it, a clean install of a cool looking carbon chassis and the new backbone of Project Sprint 2 Sport. In the next installation, we’ll be replacing some of the orange bits in favor of something that matches the body a bit better.


HPI Sprint 2 Sport Part 1

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