Sunday, April 21, 2024

HPI Venture Wayfinder RTR Rock Crawler

Check out the revamped HPI Venture Wayfinder RTR rock crawler and it comes in two different colors.

HPI Venture Wayfinder RTR Rock Crawler


The Venture makes its return with a range of chassis updates. Several optional parts are now standard equipment. Including the aluminum lower link set, aluminum rear 4-link and universal front driveshafts.

The chassis layout of the Venture Wayfinder can also be adjusted with three distinct battery positions, right out of the box. HPI has included the parts to convert your Wayfinder to run any of these three battery locations from the original rear mount to an all-new center position and a performance-oriented front position with nearly 60-percent of the weight over the front axle.

The brand new HPI Wayfinder body is available in two distinctive color options – a glossy metallic Gunmetal and a vibrant metallic Orange both with clear windows.


The Wayfinder is landing in all regions now and will be available as early as next week. Check with your local distributor or dealer for delivery details.

HPI Venture Wayfinder RTR Rock Crawler

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