Thursday, December 7, 2023

Install MIP’s 17mm Hex Adapter Kit on a Traxxas Slash 4×4

In MIP’s Hex Adapter Kit; part 10115, you get four precision machined 7075 aluminum wheel 17mm hex adapters, four 17mm hex nuts, eight M5 set screws and two steel crush spacers.

Sometimes we to hit the workbench and just build, and during a recent build session, we built a custom Traxxas/ STRC Slash E-Buggy. Using key products from STRC, Traxxas and Pro-Line Racing, the buggy turned out to be a lot of fun for bashing. But with cooler weather approaching, we’ve decided to take the Pro 8 size buggy inside for some club racing. The only issue with entering the buggy into an organized race is its width is too wide the way we built it with the wide Pro-Line Pro-Trac arms and STRC hex adapters. Some may say the width is an unfair advantage. So after some hunting we found MIP makes a hex adapter set that will make our project buggy’s width narrower. The MIP Hex Adapter kit fits the Traxxas Slash 4×4, Rally and will fit our custom project. The kit can be used with stock Traxxas driveshafts, Traxxas steel-splined constant velocity driveshafts and MIP’s driveshaft offerings.

STEP 1: Swapping out the wheel hexes is super easy. First remove the wheel, in this case, we’re removing our STRC adapter kit so we had to remove the 17mm nut and inner adapter nut.


STEP 2: Next remove your wheel hex. Stock vehicles will have a 12mm hex that will slide right off. In our case we simply slid the STRC hex adapter off.


STEP 3: Add a drop of thread lock like ZAP Z-42 compound to all of the set-screws.


Install MIP
STEP 4: Slide the MIP hex on the axle, then position your hand like shown to squeeze the driveshaft and wheel hex together while screwing the set screws down onto the axle shaft. Squeezing the parts together will help reduce slop in the parts.


MIP spacer
STEP 5: For the rear, a steel bearing journal spacer is provided. You will need to slide the outer bearing out of the hub, slide the MIP spacer on the axle shaft and reinstall the bearing before proceeding to installing the MIP hex adapter.


MIP hexes
FINISHED: MIP’s 17mm Hex Adapter installed. We screwed the wheel nut on slightly so you can see how the step on the nut screws into the adapter as its screwed on for excellent support.

MIP Wheel Hex

The finish on MIP’s wheel nut looks cool; this is certainly a high quality conversion. For this project, the STRC Adapter and Pro-Line arm combo made the buggy 312mm wide. Now with the MIP hex adapter kit, our buggy is 306mm wide; that is right between a Team Associated RC8.2E at 305mm and a TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 at 308mm. MIP’s Hex Adapter kit is a great option for anyone looking to fit 17mm hex 1/8 buggy wheels onto the Slash 4×4 or Rally platform.


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