Thursday, February 29, 2024

Introducing the ARRMA TLR Tuned TYPHON 6S RTR

The ARRMA TLR Tuned TYPHON RTR is ready to run and supplied with a Spektrum brushless power system and Spektrum radio ready to hit the racetrack or bash spot, you decide. The Spektrum power system is both 4S and 6S LiPo capable. On 4S you can compete at your local racetrack, whilst the additional power supplied by a 6S LiPo will enable big jumps and stunts at your local bash spot. The TLR Tuned TYPHON is the highest specification TYPHON vehicle in the ARRMA lineup, now supplied with a proven electronics package installed. It offers ARRMA bashers a step into the world of chassis tuning and racing.

Official ARRMA RC TLR Tuned TYPHON 6S Showcase: CLICK HERE