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Arrma TLR Tuned Typhon Race Roller Buggy First Look

Arrma is known as a go to brand for those looking for a capable basher. Simply put, Arrma cars are built to be tough. Drivers know they can take their Arrma cars and launch them off of big jumps and there are some Arrma owners that have even wheeled these machines around the track. The cars they make are built to bash, but they have all the components necessary for racing. So with Team Losi Racing also owned by Horizon Hobby, they decided to put the two brands together to create a high-performance buggy. A buggy that will truly perform as a basher and a buggy that can handle well and even win at the track. We got our hands on the new Arrma TLR Tuned Typhon ⅛ Off-road Electric Buggy and give you a rundown of some of its features.

TLR Tuned Arrma Typhon
Distributed By: Horizon Hobby
Kit Type: 1/8th 4WD Electric Buggy Roller
Part Number: ARA8306
Price: $419.99
Buy: https://bit.ly/3L7JQT9
Visit: https://bit.ly/38RdojS

The bold box art shows off the new Typhon Roller and all of it’s TLR features along with the TLR Tuned logo proudly displayed next to each of the changes. Inside, the buggy is captured in cardboard to make it to your workshop without damage. Also inside the box, you’ll find a great instruction manual that goes over all of the tuning avaialble on this buggy as well as what happens if you make changes to your set-up. There’s a exploded view with set-up sheed packet and a warrenty card of course. Next, you’ll find a cross wrench to remove your wheels, a bag filled with inserts and a smaller back with the dual inserts for additonal tuning. There are two wicker bills to add to the wing for tuning plus diff shims.

The Typhon retains its sleek buggy body, but gets a new racing style paint scheme with bright pink and purple paint to really set off the look of the buggy on the track. TLR Tuned decals let other driver know this isn’t a basher Typhon! Out back a TLR spoiler is bolted on the adjustable wing mount for downforce and secured with aluminum wing buttons. On each of the corners are DBoots Exabite tires on black semi-dish wheels. These tires have a good looking lug and feel like they will be a long wear tire, great for bashers with the potential to grip the track well.

This is where TLR really comes in to play. Team Losi Racing is known for their racing designs and they took the Typhon and reworked the suspension geometry and parts to make this buggy handle like a true racer on the track. On the TLR Tuned Typhon you’ll find new shock towers anodized the same as TLR cars with lots of tuning adjustments. The shocks themselves encountered a few tweaks like black anodizing, TLR logos and tapered pistons inside with 42.5wt oil. That’s not your standard oil found in an RTR. Swaybars are included for better handling. All of the suspension blocks are machined aluminum TLR blocks with inserts to adjust pretty much every tuning option imaginable! You’ll find the same stout suspension arms, hubs, steering knuckles and rod ends found on the standard Typhon here, because they’re good!

TLR went to work on the chassis as well, creating a T6 7075 aluminum racing foundation for the buggy. It has the signature TLR anodizing, etched logos and mill-work to reduce weight. Bolted to the chassis, you’ll find the standard ARRMA battery box, a larger receiver box, an aluminum servo mount, ESC plate, composite chassis braces and an overall easy layout to work within. The dual bell-crank steering has a built in servo saver and a TLR ackerman plate with plenty of adjustments. They also threw in an aluminum servo horn that fits Spektrum servos perfectly.

The ARRMA Typhon driveline is pretty bulletproof thanks to it being designed to handle abuse from bashers. You’ll find 3 oil filled gear diffs, rubber shielded bearings and steel gears throughout. For drive to the wheels there are stout CV axles up front and dogbones for the center and rear. Standard 17mm hexes are used to mate up to the wheels. The motor mount is now black anodized on this buggy and is still easy to adjust gear mesh with.

This buggy comes as a roller so you will need all the electronics to get it going. A 2-channel radio system with receiver, steering servo, ESC, motor, battery and charger. Don’t forget a pinion gear too!

Our Running Gear
Spektrum DX5 Pro- https://bit.ly/3L7JQT9
Spektrum Firma ESC/ Motor Combo- https://bit.ly/3L7JQT9
Spektrum S6290 Servo- https://bit.ly/3L7JQT9
Spektrum G2 14.8V 5000mAh LiPo- https://bit.ly/3L7JQT9

ARRMA knows what they’re doing. TRL knows what they’re doing. So it’s great to see the two under Horizon Hobby get together and turn a tough basher buggy into a solid raceable machine. The way this buggy is built, bashers who want to try racing can take this from jumping plywood in their backyard to the track and lay down laps at the local track and maybe even take the win! We can’t wait to get ours going. Make sure to check back often for the second half of our report on the TLR Tuned Arrma Typhon Race Roller Buggy!

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