Wednesday, June 19, 2024

LC Racing PTG-2 1/10 4WD Rally Car

Check out the new rally offering that was just announced. Introducing the LC Racing PTG-2 1/10 4WD Rally Car that comes preassembled and you can add the specific electronics that work the best for you.

LC Racing PTG-2 1/10 4WD Rally Car


  • LC Racing PTG-2 1/10 4WD Rally CarLC Racing Engineered Rally tires
  • Alum, Oil-filled, Threaded Shocks
  • 5mm Fiber Composite Shock Tower
  • Front and Rear Oil-filled Competition Grade Differentials with Metal Gears
  • Aluminum Center Prop Shaft
  • Steel Hinge-pins
  • 2.0mm Anodized Alum Chassis with Front and Rear Kick-up and Side Guards
  • 12mm Wheel Hexes
  • Adjustable Spring Steel Arm Mounts
  • Anodized Alum Motor Mount
  • Clear Polycarbonate Chassis Inner Mud Cover
  • Front Foam Bumper
  • Easy Access Spur and Pinion Gear Covers
  • Front and Rear Rebuildable CVA type driveshafts
  • Removable ESC Tray
  • Updated Front Shock Tower

LC Racing PTG-2 1/10 4WD Rally Car


Scale: 1:10
Length: 14.57 in. (370mm)
Width: 7.28 in. (185mm)
Wheelbase: 10.39 in. (264mm) Adjustable +/- 3mm
Tires: Rally tires (pre-mounted)
Chassis: 2.0mm anodized aluminum
Reduction ratio: 2.5:1
Ball bearings: Full Set


  • 540-size electric motor
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Battery packs (6 Cell Sub-C SIZE) and charger
  • 2-channel transmitter & receiver
  • Steering servo
  • Pinion gear (48 pitch)
  • 1/10 Rally Car Body

For more information, visit: LC RACING

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