Saturday, June 15, 2024


In late 1988 Losi became a worldwide force in RC racing after introducing the JRX2 1/10 scale buggy. Just two years later, a second Losi kit would make an even bigger statement and lead an even bigger surge in the popularity of RC vehicles. That kit was the 1/10 scale JRXT monster truck.

The buggy racing class became increasingly competitive in the late 1980s. Many racers wanted an easy-to-drive alternative that recaptured the fun that brought them to the hobby in the first place. They began converting their beloved JRX2 buggies into trucks using wheels, tires, and bodies from “toy” RC cars or from aftermarket conversion kits. Before long, the new truck class rivaled the popularity of the buggies!

Then, in 1990, Losi introduced its first-ever complete RC monster truck kit, the JRXT. And for everyone of that era eager to get started in the RC car and truck hobby, the JRXT immediately became the vehicle of choice.

More than any other model of its time, the 1/10 scale Losi JRXT monster truck caused a rush of new interest in RC. If your memory replays fun days from years ago spent racing RC vehicles with friends and family, chances are good that the JRXT has a starring role. Even better, you can relive those memories for real today with the new, 1/16 scale Mini JRXT.

The Losi Mini JRXT pays homage to its roots with retro styling that mimics the 1990 JRXT. It also reproduces the vintage trim scheme that was pictured on the original box art. Beyond the nostalgia, there are updates to the engineering for state-of-the-art Losi mini performance — making this the perfect mini monster truck for loyal Losi fans and for anyone who wants to try a mini RC.

It comes fully assembled and finished in a 100% ready-to-run package complete with a Spektrum 2-channel radio, LiPo battery, USB charger, and even AA transmitter batteries. With one easy purchase, you have everything you need to race and to celebrate the brand that helped build the RC racing hobby that you love today.

But only 5000 of you will be able to say you own a Mini JRXT. That’s because this is a limited edition vehicle and only 5000 have been produced. Adding to the collectability, each is serialized with its unique production number. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind mini version of one of the most popular vehicles in Losi history!

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