Monday, December 11, 2023

Lunsford Titanium Axles for Traxxas 2WD Vehicles

Performance masters, Lunsford Racing Products, are at it again and have announced a key upgrade for Traxxas 2WD vehicles. The Lunsford Titanium Axles for Traxxas 2WD Stampede, Rustler and Slash trucks have a unique twist for those of you custom builders of drag cars and other unique RC’s by incorporating a 2mm broach. The broach enables you to grab hold of the axle with a 2mm hex wrench when using a custom designed spindle that eliminates the hex while catering to bearing centric wheels. While a unique feature, the axle is still a direct replacement for all stock vehicles.

Lunsford Titanium Axles for Traxxas 2WD Vehicles

The Lunsford Titanium Axles Touch:

  • Stock replacement for all Traxxas 2WD Slash, Stampede and Rustler vehicles.
  • Rolled threads for increased strength and an ultra-smooth finish over traditional cut threads.
  • An easy way to reduce static weight from the vehicle and dynamic weight from your steering while reducing the overall stress on your servo. Grade 5 Titanium is roughly a 45% weight savings over steel.
  • Significant increase in shear strength over aluminum and some steels.
  • Anti-corrosion properties are greater than stainless steel.
  • A very smooth, zero tolerance and bur free threading process.
  • From raw material to the finished product, all of our Grade 5 titanium is born and bred in the USA.
  • Designed, developed and crafted right here in Albany, Oregon USA at the Lunsford compound.
  • Total Axle Weight less screws: 5.1 grams

For more information, visit: LUNSFORD

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