Monday, April 22, 2024

MaxAmps Releases Smart Battery Upgrade

MaxAmps releases Smart Battery upgrade for LiPo and Li-Ion batteries.

MaxAmps Releases Smart Battery Upgrade


MaxAmps Batteries are getting smarter. You may have noticed a new option available on the MaxAmps site for their lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries. The new option is the Smart Battery upgrade which is the lightest available on the market and adds less than 10 grams to the overall weight of the battery. Along with its light weight it also has a very small profile, which adds less than 6mm to the length of the battery.

It includes a LED indicator for SOC (state of charge), and SOH (state of health), with a switch that turns on momentarily and turns off on its own after a few seconds. Another great advantage of the MaxAmps Smart Battery upgrade is that there is no power consumption while the smart battery feature is not in use, so it offers you more available capacity to power your application. Additionally, on those sunny days, the bright green and red LED lights make it easy to see the status of your battery.


  • Smart Battery Upgrade
  • Lightest Smart Battery available on the market (adds less than 10 grams to the weight of the battery)
  • Very small profile (adds less than 6mm to length of battery)
  • SOC (state of charge) / SOH (state of health) gauge with momentary on switch
  • Battery status indicator (fuel gauge)
  • No power consumption while not in use
  • Bright green/red LEDs are easy to see on those sunny days

For more information, visit: MAXAMPS