Saturday, May 25, 2024

Micro Truck Madness – Carisma GT24T Micro

Cool RC machines come in all sizes and the Carisma GT24T comes in a very small size, 1/24-scale to be exact. What is really special about this small machine is its power system. It comes with a brushless system and a LiPo battery! Oh, there’s more, it’s ready to run and fits most budgets coming in around $100. This micro monster truck is perfect for high speed indoor fun or racing around on other level ground such as driveways, ball fields, tennis courts and more. So how does it perform? We put it out on a 1/10 track for some bashing fun and followed it up with a chilly outdoor full throttle run. Dean will give you all the performance details of the GT24T along with a break-down of all of its features.

Product: GT24T
By: Carisma
Part Code: CIS58368
Price: $99.99
Link to buy: http://amzn.to/2Dv2ZZC

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