Wednesday, February 28, 2024

MIP Pro4mance Chassis Bundle Kit for the Tekno EB410

MIP Pro4mance Chassis Bundle Kit for the Tekno EB410

The next generation 13.5 performance bundle for the Tekno EB410 is here! The MIP Pro4mance™ Chassis Bundle Kit is tuned by the MIP bold engineering team to rebalance the car and give a stable smooth drive. You will find your tuned ride engineered for maximum performance and control!

MIP_Tekno_EB410_performance_pack (1)

Whats New?
The new chassis re-configures the battery to the back of the chassis and lays the servo down. The end result is a more balanced weight between the front of the chassis and back resulting in a smoother drive and allows the car to rotate through corners better, break faster, and accelerate quicker than your typical Tekno EB410. The kit also features new carbon spine braces, new servo mounts and front and rear center bones which come standard with our MIP 1.5 Pucks™. This performance bundle is a must have for any serious racer! The advantage you will have against your competition will be unmatched!



Fully Redesigned Chassis for Optimal Weight Distribution

Quicker Acceleration

Gets off Corners Quicker

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