Monday, April 22, 2024

New Release – Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck

Kyosho has upgraded its FO-XX monster truck to make it even more potent and capable for off-road use. The Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 electric 1/8-scale monster truck comes ready-to-run with some great features.

Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck
Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck, 1/8-scale and RTR.


Kyosho gave the FO-XX VE monster truck the “2.0” designation to signify that it has been revamped to make it even better than before. It has a new 5-link suspension system with upper and lower ball links that produces improved suspension feedback. The dynamic performance of the FO-XX VE 2.0 makes full use of the 2000KV KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX 8 brushless motor. The power allows you to run on any surface, from tarmac to off-road terrain. In addition to the brushless motor, the speed controller, transmitter, receiver, wheels and tires have all been redesigned to improve and deliver superior control and handling. Give the FO-XX VE 2.0 full throttle and you will experience some serious power and performance. Simply purchase batteries for the transmitter and battery for the motor with a charger and this factory-assembled Readyset makes the dynamic performance of the FO-XX VE 2.0 easy for anyone to enjoy.



  • Factory assembled Readyset only requires batteries for transmitter and chassis plus a battery charger to get up and running.
  • KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE brushless motor system delivers breathtaking power and performance.
  • Independent left-right battery boxes suit various size batteries. Suitable for twin packs of 7.2V Ni-MH to 7.4V Li-Po batteries.
  • Features same 17mm wheel hubs and nuts as the Inferno series.
  • Radio box protects receiver and battery from impacts and dirt.
  • Features solid front and rear axles with robust housings.
  • Front and rear differentials incorporate steel spiral gears to meet the demands of this high power machine.
  • Comes with pre-painted body complete with decals to nicely compliment its resin pipe frame design for a realistic rock racer design.
  • Equipped Syncro KR-331 receiver features failsafe function that stops the machine in the event of radio signal interruption.



Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck
Included Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter allows dial adjustment of throttle trim, steering trim, throttle EPA and steering dual rate.


Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck
Weighing in at over 10-pounds, this heavy-duty machine is supported by the deep stroke of a 5-link suspension system. Large capacity resin big bore shocks deliver outstanding running performance.


Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck
The included body is fitted with a clever hinge setup which opens from the front thus allowing easy access to the chassis for maintenance.

Kyosho FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck

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