Monday, April 22, 2024

New Traxxas Summit Hilltop Adventure Video

It seems that nothing can stop the awesome 4×4 abilities of the Traxxas Summit. The Traxxas Summit is an unstoppable all-terrain RC monster truck. Powered by a massive Titan 775 motor and incredible 70:1 low-range gear, the Summit’s raw torque powers it up obstacles no other truck would dare attempt. Flip the rocker switch on the transmitter and Summit kicks into high gear for rock-roosting burnouts and thrilling speed. See it in action as it embarks on a Traxxas Summit hilltop adventure in this new video.

New Traxxas Summit Hilltop Adventure Video

VIDEO: Traxxas Summit hilltop adventure


When the trail gets tough, you can count on Summit to pull through. The Traxxas Summit offers versatility, durability, and off-road capability greater than any other 4WD monster truck. The engineers at Traxxas packed the Summit with high-tech innovations like their transmitter-operated high/low transmission and remote-locking front and rear differentials. Summit generates massive torque from the giant 775 Titan motor while the rugged ExoCage keeps Summit safe on the trail. These are just some of the weapons in Summit’s off-road arsenal. When you drive a Summit, no stream is too big, no trail is too tough, and no hill is out of reach.

New Traxxas Summit Hilltop Adventure Video

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  1. I bought mine when it first came out. Poor beast has been sitting covered for the last few years. Just bought brand new 5000mah batteries for it. TIME TO PLAY!

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