Saturday, June 15, 2024

New Traxxas TRX-4mt Monster Trucks

Looks like the smaller scale RC cars are all the rage and Traxxas just amped up the offerings with the new TRX-4mt! The new mini monster truck is based off the popular TRX-4m platform, but Traxxas made some changes to make them more monster truck worthy. Out of the gate, the trucks are offered with a licensed Ford and Chevy  body and like usual available in serveral colors. The truck slides out of the box ready to run, only requiring 4AA’s to get it going. The truck is built, a battery and charger are provided and you just have to hunt down a spot for fun. Want to see more? Check out our full video, like listed below. But first take a look at the photo gallery so you can see the trucks up close!

TRX-4mt Ford and Chevy Trucks
By: Traxxas
Type: 4WD Electric Ready To Run Monster Truck
Price: $NA at time of post
You’ll need: AA radio batteries
Buy: https://bit.ly/3Wb1XNO (May not be listed yet)
Or visit your local hobby shop.
Website: https://traxxas.com/