Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Wait Is Over – Next Generation Traxxas E-Revo

One of the RC bashing worlds most favorite trucks has just gone through a major revision! There is no other monster truck like Traxxas E-Revo. It featrues creative design and engineering mixed with new technology, new innovation, and incredible speed that reset every benchmark for racing monster truck performance. Now there is the new generation Traxxas E-Revo. This new E-Revo retains all the benefits of its original ground-breaking, modern design, but fortifies them with brute strength and an intense, take-no-prisoners attitude to deliver what is simply the ultimate 6s monster. Get ready for a whole new level of power, strength, and speed. With just a handful of parts carrying over from the previous generation, the next generation E-Revo packs dozens of upgrades to make it the ultimate go-to vehicle for insane stunts and backyard bashing.

New Generation Traxxas E-Revo


The Revo chassis is a highly engineered approach that allows incredible strength and lightweight performance not possible with traditional designs. The chassis absorbs and dissipates huge impacts without bending. Major components such as the batteries are placed as low and close to the centerline as possible to lower the center of gravity (CG) for superior, balanced handling. Key areas were targeted for added strength and rigidity such as the battery compartments and the bulkhead mounts. New front and rear top braces resist flex and further protect the inboard shocks.


The new E-Revo 4-gear differentials feature massively larger ring and pinion gears that use over twice as much steel for extreme durability. The differentials are sealed and filled with heavyweight oil, giving them the performance feel of limited-slip differentials. Steel drive cups fit over huge 8mm hardened steel output shafts which ride on oversized sealed bearings.


A Cush Drive is integrated into the spur gear to help protect against driveline impacts while delivering maximum power transfer and response. The cast alloy Torque-Biasing Center Drive also improves driveline durability and controls front-to-rear power distribution for absolutely mind-bending four-wheel drive acceleration. It’s precision-tuned to allow instant wheels-up punch off the line and seamless, virtually invisible operation at speed.


E-Revo naturally encourages high speed and high-flying stunts, but sometimes the landings leave you rubber side up. Pioneered on the X-Maxx, exclusive Traxxas Self-Righting powers the E-Revo back onto its wheels with just the press of a button. In most situations, the fun does not have to stop just to rescue an upside-down truck.



The New Generation Traxxas E-Revo is packed with new exciting features and designs that brings the world of RC Monster trucks to a new level of standards. Traxxas is known for delivering what RC enthusiasts want and we’re excited to see this machine in action. To learn more about the new E-Revo and it’s additional features, visit: Traxxas


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