Sunday, December 10, 2023

O.S. Speed Tuned High-Performance Servos

Futaba - O.S. Speed Tuned High-Performance Servos

Futaba and O.S. Speed have come together to release a trio of servos that racers will want to check out.  The Speed T1 BLS571SV is low profile unit ideal for 1/10 on road applications and features ceramic bearings, aluminum top and mid-section case, hardened gears and has great specs; Speed 0.08sec / 60 ° and torque 11kg-cm at 7.4V.  The Speed R1 BLS371SV is ideal for 1/8 on road applications with a hybrid final stage gear, ceramic bearings, aluminum upper and middle case with great Speed 0.10sec / 60 ° and torque 19.0kg-cm at 7.4V.    The Speed B1 S9373SV for 1/8 off road use has an all aluminum case, ceramic bearings, a hybrid final stage gear and is fast with a speed of 0.06sec / 60 ° and torque rated at 24.6kg-cm at 7.4V.

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