Sunday, January 24, 2021
Axial Gladiator
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Support the shop that supports you!

There is a new track opening near the RC Driver offices and I’ve been there quite often helping the facility with everything from advice to manual labor painting walls, building pit tables, track design and soon. We’re pretty excited that yet another track is opening where we will be able to test products for the magazine.

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Team Associated SC10 Hop Up

Our picks for performance, durability, and/or appearance upgrades: Team Associated SC10 Hop Up Here are our accessory and hop-up picks for today’s popular vehicles that can boost performance, durability and/or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.

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3 Racing Sakura D4 4wd Touring Car Review

The world of RC has many different facets; there’s really something for everybody. One of the areas I’ve set my sights on mastering is the drift segment. It basically goes against everything I’ve learned when it comes to driving sliding is better than grip, more power does not mean a faster vehicle and tire compounds, well, plastic is better than rubber.

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Helion Contakt 12TR Review

Your Local Hobby Store is a great place to check out what’s new in the RC hobby, meet likeminded people, see some great racing (if they have a track) and pick up an inexpensive new basher to tear around the yard and rip up the streets. Most LHS’s have all the new, small-scale bashers right up front for everyone to check out as you walk in. If you are lucky enough to have a Hobbytown near you, you'll find some exciting releases from Helion.

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RCD Stuff

More Cool Stuff from the Editors of RC Driver Magazine: Racing Machined 4-Link Mounts, Western Front & Rear Bumpers, Screw Catcher...More

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ECX AMP MT & DB Review

The entry level radio control segment of this great hobby is rather saturat- ed with really good vehicles at good prices, making it fairly easy for consumers to get a deal when looking for a vehicle. Because of this, it is hard for a vehicle, or manufacturer for that matter, to stand out from the crowd. Then ECX, a division of Horizon Hobby, came out with the AMP MT and AMP DB 2WD off road vehicles and totally changed the playing field.

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