Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Losi Mini b
Traxxas Hoss

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Bakers Backyard

I was just made aware of the projects that Danny builds. I don’t know how I wasn’t aware sooner. I found him and his “blow your mind” creations on Facebook and now his is one of the first pages I check out each day just to see what he is up to.

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Trim and Mount Your RC Body for a Better Fit

One of the first changes many people make to their RCs is to swap the stock body out for an aftermarket one. The bodies for our cars are formed out of a single sheet of clear Lexan or polycarbonate. To the untrained eye they may just look like a big bubble rather than a body for a vehicle. They need to be trimmed down

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Cool RC Stuff: This Month! Stretch Chassis For The Hot Bodies D413, Ultra-Cure Tire Glue, Nitro Engine Heater, 2-In-1 Hand Held Tire Balancer, Premium Vinyl Masking Tape

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