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Start Your RC Hobby Right – Tamiya XB Ready To Run Models

Tamiya XB

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Getting into RC fun at a hobby grade level is the best route to take if you are seriously interested in getting a quality radio control car. Tamiya has been a leader in getting new hobbyists hooked on RC with their wide variety of radio control offerings. Off-road cars and trucks, on-road sport-level cars and pro-level racers, trail trucks, semis and even fun vehicles have all turned newbies into addicted radio control fanatics. Their huge variety is sure to have something in it to capture the imagination of anyone. So we want to take a look at all the platforms that do this in a ready to run package or XB, that makes it easy to get from the box to the road in less than an hour. There are a lot off offerings so let’s give you what you need to know to get the right car in your hands.

Tamiya’s XB kits are incredible ready to run works of art. The “XB” stands for Expert Built. Tamiya offers a number of XB kits for their on-road series of cars, off-road buggies and of course off-road trucks. Let’s face it, Tamiya is a leader in RC from the very beginning, so they know exactly what it takes to put together a kit that exceeds in quality and is built to perfection.

Tamiya XB

Tamiya’s XB series consists of more than one chassis, it is a number of their popular designs that are available built from the factory. Over the years we’ve tested each design released like the CC-01, GF-01, TB-02, DT-02 and many more. Each has a unique look and designed to deliver maximum fun.



The GF-01 is a 4WD machine with the motor directly placed in the center in order to drive the gears in the front and rear gearboxes. The platform features independant suspension, friction coil over shocks and fixed upper links for ease of use. A series of gears inside of the chassis are all plastic with steel outdrives, dogbones and axles. The battery is mounted in the rear of the chassis to help the vehicle wheelie on demand. A single crank steers the knuckles with an off-set servo on the side of the chassis swinging the cranks. A spring loaded bumper up front and wheelie bar out back finish off the features of theGF-01.
Heavy Dump Truck – GF-01
Toyota Land Cruiser 40 – GF01 Pick-Up


Several exciting truck bodies come mounted on the capable CC-01 Cross Country chassis, which features independent front suspension and a rear 4-link rigid suspension setup for fun scale trail running enjoyment. The unique tub chassis also serves as the central gearbox, upper shock mounts and the wheel wells at each corner set this rig apart from other trail machines. The rear drive comes from a solid axle and the front driven wheels float on independent suspension. The CC-01 is a favorite among trail off-road enthusiasts.
Mercedes-Benz Unimog – CC01 Unimog
Toyota FJ Cruiser – CC-01
Unimog 406 Series U900 – CC01 Orange Version


Meet the TT-01 4WD chassis platform available for both road racing and drifting. The TT01 chassis features a 4WD drive drive-train with fully independent double wishbone suspension, with special parts to make it easy to drift or hug the road. The car is shaft driven with precision differentials front and rear to help distribute power. The tub chassis is strong with a simple layout that makes maintenance easy.
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR – TT01E “White Version”
Zakspeed Capri Gr.5 – TT01E Jagermeister Ford
Volkswagen Scirocco – TT01ED Drift Spec


The TT-02 chassis features a 4WD drive drive-train with fully independent double wishbone suspension. The chassis has the battery pack and motor placed longitudinally on the left and right sides of the chassis respectively. The skid-shaped lower deck enables a greater roll movement range and the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with identical left/right suspension arms and uprights, making maintenance and assembly a simple task. The drivetrain features a motor mount which allows up to 10 different gear ratios as well as front and rear enclosed gearboxes equipped with resin 4-pinion differentials. In addition, 2-types of ground clearance and wheelbase length are possible by altering parts position, making it a tuneable machine too.
Porsche Carrera RSR – TT02
Zakspeed Capri WRT – TT02
LaFerrari – TT02


The TT-02B uses the TT-02 center section, driveline and chassis as the base, but adds longer suspension arms, CVA shock units, and buggy bumpers to give it great off-road performance. The vehicle retains the TT-02’s excellent drivability and easy of assembly and maintenance, while motor cooling ducts and receiver case add to the model’s durability.
Plasma Edge II – TT-02B
Dual Ridge – TT-02B


The DT-02 chassis is a 1/10 scale 2WD off-road buggy continues in the vein of our successful buggy. Versatile and reliable DT-02 chassis features transverse mounted Type RS540 motor and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. Full ball bearings ensure maximum efficiency and a long-life of dirt tearing action!
Kumamon Version – DT02
Holiday Buggy – DT02


The DT-03 off-road buggy kit is intended as an easy-to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the world of RC. Its intuitive yet tough design allows hassle-free assembly and gives less experienced users the opportunity to get to grips with RC model composition and construction. Furthermore, the kit features a polycarbonate body and wing that has chrome metallic plating applied, and are pre-cut.  It features a torque-tuned motor and CVA oil dampers to make it faster out of the box. The CVA oil dampers allow the chassis to better handle the rugged terrain of any park or dirt field.
Neo Fighter Buggy – DT03
Racing Fighter – DT03


The WR-02G chassis features a heavy duty monocoque frame which is equipped with 97mm and 130mm diameter wheels on the front and rear respectively for a realistic scale presence. The motor is positioned along the center-line of the chassis and power is delivered to the rear wheels via fully-enclosed gearbox equipped with a gear differential. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension makes for realistic mechanical movement. The WR-02G is designed with a wheelie bar to enable fun, wheels in the air driving action.
Honda City Turbo – WR02C
Kumamon Version – WR-02G
Farm King Wheelie – WR02G
Suzuki Jimny Wheelie – WR02
Volkswagen Wheelie – WR02
Tumbling Bull – WR02G


The M-05 is a simple FWD (front wheel drive) machine, which allows for plenty of after-market parts to be outfitted as you grow with your skill. The lightweight, narrow semi-monocoque frame offers an optimized weight distribution and a low center of gravity. A ground-hugging 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and a 3-piece steering linkage ensure excellent stability during high-speed cornering. Three wheelbase lengths (210mm, 225mm, 239mm) are possible by simply switching the position of the rear suspension parts, enabling a wide range of body choices available from Tamiya.
Mini JCW Coupe – M05
Mugen CR-X PRO – M05
Alfa Romeo MiTo Red – M05

Fast Attack 2011

This re-released version of the Fast Attack Vehicle features the same basic chassis design as the original 1984 model, it features a tub chassis, rugged gearbox, front and rear independent suspension and semi-pneumatic grooved front tires and rear tires with block pattern tread.

Fast Attack 2011


The MF-01X is a compact chassis which compliments Tamiya’s existing M-Chassis genre. It is a 4WD machine with the motor placed in the rear for crisp balance and acceleration. Power is transmitted from the rear mounted motor to the front wheels via a propeller shaft that runs down the side of the MF- 01X. Gearboxes are integrated into the monocoque for a sturdy and easy-to-maintain structure. The MF-01X has a three-section make-up; changing the central spacer section enables short (210mm), middle (225mm), and long (239mm) wheelbases.
Suzuki Jimny (JB23) – MF-01X


One of the biggest reasons Tamiya is so well respected in both the static and radio control modeling world is because of the amazing finish of their product. The detail work on the Tamiya XB series of ready to run cars is exception too and their great build quality for the chassis and components is perfection. The bodies on the vehicles are painted, decaled and detailed to look exactly like the box art and each and every model arrives as if it were to be displayed in a museum.



Tamiya outfits their XB RTR’s with proven electronics that are reliable and perfect for the entry-level modeler. The electronic system that comes installed in an XB is a Finespec 2.4Ghz radio that features a comfortable grip, servo reversing switches, steering and throttle trims along with 2.4gHZ technology for trouble free operation. Along with the user friendly radio comes a TEU-105BK Speed Control, that intended to operate the included 540 motor (27 Turns) and the well known 540 silver can motor. We think this power system is perfect for beginners that are just learning to drive their XB!


The Tamiya XB series consists of more than one chassis, it is a number of their popular designs that are available built from the factory. Over the years we’ve tested each design released like the CC-01, GF-01, TB-02, DT-02 and many more. Each has a unique look and designed to deliver maximum fun. The designs have their own unique purpose like the CC-01 resembling an off-road platform with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension with realistic wheel wells molded into the chassis. The DT-02 has a buggy stance with independent suspension on all four corners and a tub chassis for the electronics with multi-gear transmission to put down the power. Tamiya has some very creative designs that fits so many interests. Whatever style of Tamiya machine you do choose, you’re gaurunteed to have a quality build RC car from a company that knows precision and detail, not to mention, they’ve been in RC from the beginning. You’re really getting a true hobby grade RC experience!

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Tamiya XB



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