Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pro-Line 1977 Dodge Ramcharger body

Pro-Line has stepped it up again and released the very cool and innovative 1977 Dodge Ramcharger clear body. This body is intended for scale crawlers and trail trucks. It is one of the highest detailed polycarbonate bodies ever created by the Pro-Line R & D department. This fully-licensed body captures all the scale details of the legendary Dodge 4×4 and lets you, the builder, choose which body configuration to finish off your 12.3″ wheelbase rig.

Pro-Line 1977 Dodge Ramcharger body


That’s right: Pro-Line has included all the elements needed for you to build your dream truck. Will you style your Ramcharger as the classic open-air Pick-up to show off the included highly detailed interior with add-on dashboard? Or will you use the included camper-shell to create that rugged 4×4 SUV style?



Also, for the first time ever, Pro-Line’s team of innovators are offering some Exclusive 3D BONUS Scale Parts, available for download, free of charge. Click the links found on the Pro-Line 1977 Dodge Ramcharger body product page to grab the 3D files to print-at-home on your 3D printer or send to an online print shop such as Shapeways and add even more scale detail to your Ramcharger.



The Ramcharger is molded in our durable .060″ polycarbonate and comes with window masks, Paint-then-peel overspray film and fully-licensed decals to finish off the look. Raise the bar and get your own Pro-Line 1977 Dodge Ramcharger for your 12.3″ Crawler now!



Pro-Line 1977 Dodge Ramcharger body


For more information, visit: PRO-LINE

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