Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run Clear Body

If you have the need for speed, then the new Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run Clear Body is right for you! This is a Supersonic Speed Run Body for Slash® 4×4. Are you looking to convert your Slash® 4×4 into the ultimate Speed Run vehicle? Look no further than Pro-Line’s all-new Supersonic body built from the ground-up to go fast and look good doing it! There is a whole community built around pushing the limits of speed with the Slash® 4×4 (and other SC-based trucks) and the Supersonic body will help you jump right in. Belted tires are a must for going fast and the Reaction HP SC tires and even the Avenger HP 1:8 tires pair perfectly with the Supersonic body! Make sure to get the Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts so you can slam the body as low as possible and wide offset hexes to add even more high-speed stability to your build and to fill out the wheel wells. Get your very own Supersonic Speed Run body today! They are going to go fast!

Supersonic Speed Run Clear Body for Slash 4×4 (with extended body mounts and wide offset hexes)
SKU: 3541-00
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