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ProTek R/C TruTorque Shock Shaft Pliers

ProTek R/C "TruTorque" Shock Shaft Pliers

The must have shock multi-tool


There isn’t a month that goes by when there isn’t a kit on my workbench being built. Building kits for me is just as much fun as actually racing the car when it’s done. But there’s something I like just as much as building and racing and that’s having a collection of the best tools to do the job. So when I saw the “TruTorque” Shock Shaft Pliers from ProTek R/C I knew I had to get my hands on them to see if they were worthy enough to be in my personal ultimate RC tool collection. I have a fresh TLR kit on my bench with shocks ready to be built, let’s see what the pliers are capable of and if you think they’re worthy to be on your workbench.


Made by: ProTek RC

Available From: amain.com
Made for: Anyone that needs to build or maintain an RC car
Part #: PTK-8267
Cost: $24.99


The pliers are machined in lightweight aluminum and anodized black with the ProTek RC logo laser etched on the grips. ProTek states they are a “nutcracker” design but I’m going to go with a “clawcracker” classification since this tool looks a bit more high-end than simple nutcrackers. The end pivot point is a countersunk head 2mm screw in a stepped hinge pivot so pivot wobble is pretty much non-existent. Now on to its big features, there are two different sized small half-moons on each side of the handle to grasp smaller or larger shock shafts without marring the shafts. Just behind those are two larger half-moons with notches to help grab shock bodies with little chance of marring the body while firmly grasping the body to tighten down shock caps or seal end caps.  Then we get to the nifty part of the tool, the shock end ball installer. The installer easily presses the ball into the shock end on most 1/10 and 1/8 shock ends. The installer can also be used to press the ball out of shock ends. So far these shock shaft pliers (or should I say this multi-tool?) looks very cool useful and maybe more importantly, it is of high quality.

On to that TLR 22-SCT 2.0 kit; it was time to build the shocks and I used the tool for a number of steps. First, I used the TruTorque pliers to securely grab the shock shafts to install the shock ends. The tool grasped the shafts and I was able to easily install the ends without the shaft spinning in the tool and there was no sign of marring. Next I popped in all of the balls into the shock ends, the tool made the job super easy and there were no signs of the plastic getting marked like when I use the cheap generic pliers. Just to check out the ease of popping the ball out, I gave the pliers an additional squeeze and the ball popped out easily. I can see these working well for pivot balls with flared ends. Then it was on to my last check; I gripped the base of the body to secure the cap. I was able to get a very good grip and there were no marks left behind.

A racer can never have enough tools to make building and tuning easier and the ProTek RC TruTorque Shock Shaft Pliers are one of those must-have tools for those looking to work on shocks easily without damaging any of the shocks’ delicate surfaces. The only area I could see being improved on the tool would be a light knurl on the grips, but it’s not totally necessary. Finally, let’s talk about the price. At twenty-five bucks, it may seem a little steep, but once you break it down that this is three tools in one and that you’ll never need to buy another as long as your RC hobby lasts, the TurTorque Pliers are really a bargain.

Words and Photos by Greg Vogel

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