Sunday, April 21, 2024

ProTek RC Unveils Ultra LCG Shorty Battery Pack And Chassis Protector

ProTek RC unveils Ultra LCG Shorty Battery Pack which is ultra lightweight with a low center of gravity as well as a new variation of the ProTek RC Chassis Protector 2-packs.


This is the newest addition to the PTK battery line, a 2S 130C 4400mAh shorty pack. PTK-5124-24 features an ultra-low center of gravity at just 18.3mm of height with a weight of only 154 grams. This new ULCG pack provides more tuning and weight distribution options for both 2wd and 4wd modified and stock vehicles while still providing the punch, run time, lower operating temps, and increased cycle life and voltage that the ProTek RC battery line is known for. To see more on the ProTek RC 2S 130C ULCG 4400mAh shorty pack, including all the specs and price point ($59.99 msrp), click the link here: https://bit.ly/3GMxKf1

The ProTek RC 2024 Universal Chassis Protective Sheet is now available, featuring the new ProTek RC logo. The 12.5cm wide by 33.5cm long uncut sheets come in packs of two and can be cut to fit whatever chassis you are running. The ProTek RC chassis protector line includes a dozen color schemes and designs to best suit your vehicle’s look and color. For more information on the PTK-1102 chassis protector line, click the link here: https://bit.ly/3RPe4xD

Both the new ProTek RC ULCG shorty battery pack and 2024 Chassis Protector are available at your local hobby shop or track store as well as on AMainHobbies.com.

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