Wednesday, June 19, 2024

RDRP Aluminum Shock Towers for Associated B74 buggy

The gang at Revolution Design Racing Products have added to its aftermarket product line-up for Associated vehicles. The latest release are RDRP aluminum shock towers for Associated B74 4WD off-road buggy.

RDRP Aluminum Shock Towers for Associated B74 buggy
RDRP aluminum shock towers.


The RDRP shock towers match the standard kit geometry, but are of a heavy-duty design for durability and stability. These new towers offer increased suspension efficiency and precision thanks to the high-quality aluminum material that they are machined out of.


Since they match the stock dimensions, they are a direct replacement with no setup changes needed when swapping parts over.


In addition the high amount of machining, including silver chamfered edges, makes for a visually pleasing appearance while keeping the parts’ weight low. Both the front and rear tower come black anodized for looks and surface protection.

Associated B74 4WD off-road buggy. 

For more information, visit: RDRP



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