Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Entry-level Spec Class Speed Control – Reedy Blackbox 600Z Brushless ESC

Reedy keeps pumping out electronics equipment that racers prefer and now they’ve released the Blackbox 600Z Sensored Brushless Competition ESC as a great option for the entry-level spec class. The Reedy Blackbox 600Z has an economical price, is versatile, and has race-proven performance. Excellent throttle and brake feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the Reedy Blackbox 600Z suitable for a variety of spec racing applications, including entry level and cost-controlled spec race programs that mandate a specific ESC.

Reedy Blackbox 600Z

Reedy Blackbox 600Z Features

Lightweight plastic case with compact footprint
Low-profile heat sink
Fully adjustable brake and throttle functions
On-board, single-button programming
Zero-timing, ROAR-approved software
Low-resistance circuitry
Precision throttle and brake control
Solder tabs for easy wire placement
Silicone power wires
Compact external capacitor
Firmware updateable
Competition proven
Adjustable Settings

Reedy Blackbox 600Z SPECS

Operation Mode Select Forward/Brake (F/B) or Forward/Brake/Reverse (F/B/R) operation.
Drag Brake Adjust automatic braking strength when the throttle trigger is returned to neutral.
Power Profile Increases or decreases punch.
Drive Frequency Adjust to create a smoother or more aggressive throttle feel.
Brake Frequency Adjust to create a smoother or more aggressive brake feel.
Restore Default Restore the factory default settings.

Voltage Input 7.4V / 2S LiPo
On Resistance (Ohms) 0.0018
Continuous Current (A) 60
Dimensions (mm) 40.2 x 31.0 x 18.8
Weight w/o Wires (g) 37
Motor Limit 13.5T
SBEC 6.0V / 3A

Reedy Blackbox 600Z Zero-Timing ESC
Part# 27006
Price $69.99

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