Friday, July 19, 2024

RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts For Arrma Kraton 6S EXB v2

Here are the new RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts for Arrma Kraton 6S EXB v2 for improved toughness and functionality.

RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts For Arrma Kraton 6S EXB v2


Introducing HD v2 Wing Mounts for the ARRMA Kraton 6S EXB v2 from RPM. They’re the toughest wing mounts created for the ARRMA 6S EXB v2. What’s so unusual about the new RPM wing mounts? Just about everything. Take a look at this list of features:

  • HD Wing Mounts: RPM Wing Mounts have thick support material between the mounting points of the wing and the chassis mounts. More support equates to a tougher and more rigid mount.
  • Included Rear Skid Plate: In order to make the toughest wing mounts, RPM had to devise a new structure to create a triangulated base of support. RPM’s new rear skid plate incorporates mounting points for a vertical brace. The brace spans the distance between the wing mounts and the skid plate, creating an incredibly tough system. As an added bonus, the skid plate helps protect the rear end of that expensive aluminum chassis.
  • Brace: RPM’s massive vertical brace is the linchpin to the success of RPM’s new HD v2 Wing Mounts. The brace eliminates the leveraging action of impacts on the rear of the wing. That leverage invariably destroys normal wing mounts.
  • Optional Wheelie Bars: RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts allow the use of RPM #72162 HD Wheelie Bars (sold separately). Now you can finally bolt on a set of wheelie bars where stock doesn’t allow any.

RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts For Arrma Kraton 6S EXB v2

The RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts are sold with two wing mounts, one skid plate, one brace, two wing mounting plates and all additional hardware needed to install. Each system is molded in RPM’s exceedingly tough blend of engineering grade nylons and backed by RPM’s limited lifetime warranty.

Version Compatibility: The RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts fit the EXB v2 edition of the ARRMA 6S Kraton and any other vehicle running ARRMA #ARA320758 Wing Mounts. It is not compatible with v5 or older editions running ARRMA #320347 or #320194 wing mounts. Please see RPM’s original HD Wing Mount System (RPM #81802) for these vehicles.

Replacement skid plates are also available. Please see RPM #81752 to replace worn or otherwise damaged skid plates from this kit.

Tech Notes: RPM #81592 replaces the wing mounts only from ARRMA #ARA320758. RPM HD v2 Wing Mounts require the use of some stock ARRMA components and mounting hardware.

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