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The Easy Way To Set Gear Mesh – Traxxas Fixed Gear Adapter

Bashers can be brutal on their RC machines and many of those drivers turn to Traxxas because their machines can take a beating. But everything has its limits and some hard hits can potentially move the motor in some Traxxas vehicles and that can lead to improper gear mesh between the pinion and spur. And as you may have guessed, improper gear mesh can lead to the destruction of the spur gear. We’ve seen it many times. Then when the spur gear is replaced, the gearmesh is often set wrong which could lead to a stripped spur gear again. Traxxas doesn’t want you to be sidelined because of gear issues and developed a Traxxas Fixed Gear Adapter set that takes all the guess work out of setting the gear mesh in a 2wd Traxxas vehicle and keeps the motor positioned where it needs to be in even harsh bashing conditions. In this video we give you a close up look at the adapters and show you how easy it is to install them. Best of all, this part is under $5!

Product: Gear adapter, fixed
By: Traxxas
Part Number: 3790
Price: $4.50
Link To Buy: https://traxxas.com/products/parts/3790

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