Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Spektrum Firma 1/24 Brushless ESC & Motor Combo

For all of you owners of small scale crawlers, make sure you check out the Spektrum Firma 1/24 brushless ESC & motor combo.

Spektrum Firma 1/24 Brushless ESC & Motor Combo


The Spektrum Firma 1/24h Brushless ESC + Motor Combo is a great choice for micro crawlers and more running on 2S LiPo power. It features a high-precision magnetic encoder and rotor position sensor that provides excellent 1 to 1 control feel when driving at any speed and at any angle. Perfectly suited for trail driving and rock crawling competitions. This advancement in sensored motor control allows the ESC to match the throttle input to the motors RPM with unmatched precision. This combo is specifically designed for the Axial SCX24 & AX24 platform to provide the ultimate performance for maximum power and realism. Preinstalled with 2mm bullet connectors for easy installation.


Spektrum Firma 1/24 Brushless ESC & Motor Combo


  • Spektrum Firma 1/24 Brushless ESC & Motor ComboReliable 4500Kv Sensored Brushless Motor with excellent slow speed control and smooth operation
  • Drop-in conversion to all Axial 1/24th Scale SCX24 & AX24 RTR vehicles.
  • All included – includes motor, ESC, sensor wire and pinion gears
  • Crawler Mode: Forward and instant reverse with drag brake
  • 8 Amp (40 Amp Burst) 1-2S Compatible ESC
  • Compact Size and Ready to Install
  • JST PH 2.0 connector to fit the Dynamite 7.4V 350mAh 2S Lipo Battery



*Note: Axial SCX24 vehicles equipped with HRZ00014 2-in1 Receiver and HRZ00015 transmitter requires an SLT3 Transmitter and receiver upgrade for functionality. Please refer to the manual for more information. (2021 Ford Bronco, Jeep GT Gladiator, and Jeep Wrangler will require this upgrade)


For more information, visit: SPEKTRUM