Thursday, May 30, 2024

Spektrum S7110 High Torque Servo Winch

Need some muscle for your 1/10-scale rock crawler? Just released is the Spektrum S7110 high torque servo winch.

Spektrum S7110 High Torque Servo Winch


The Spektrum S7110 Servo Winch offers incredible performance for 1/10 scalers and crawlers. High voltage capable, the servo winch can produce 160 ounces of torque at 155RPM at 7.4V input. It’s low-wear, metal gear drivetrain is powered by a brushless motor and is bearing supported for smooth operation. Like all Spektrum servos, the S7110 Servo Winch delivers reliability, consistency and performance that is second to none.

Spektrum S7110 High Torque Servo Winch


  • Spektrum S7110 High Torque Servo WinchDesign for 1/10 Scalers and Crawlers
  • 6V to 8.4V Operating Voltage
  • Durable and long-lasting brushless motor
  • High Torque (130oz-in @ 6V, 160oz-in @ 7.4V, and 180 oz-in @ 8.4V)
  • All Aluminum servo case for heat dissipation
  • 7 feet of line with scale recovery hook included
  • Built-in Integrated brushless controller for easy set up and installation
  • Precise metal internal gears
  • Waterproof
  • 25 teeth output shaft
  • Includes everything needed to start winching

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