Thursday, March 30, 2023

Tekno EB410 Upgrades & MIP 13.5 Performance Bundle

Dean is loving the Tekno EB410 4WD competition buggy. He’s been running on the indoor off-road carpet track at RC Madness and recently added a few upgrades to his machine. He installed the MIP lightweight drivetrain kit and a number of parts from Tekno including new towers, stiffeners and battery strap. Dean runs through some of the install here in the video, takes it for a run on the track and gives you his overall thoughts on his new Tekno EB410 Upgrades.

Product: 13.5 Performance Bundle Package, Gear Diff, Tekno EB410
Part Code: 17150
Price: $154.99

Tekno Parts Used-
TKR6503C – Battery Strap (carbon fiber, EB410)
TKR6581C – Shock Tower (front, carbon fiber, EB410)
TKR6582C – Shock Tower (rear, carbon fiber, EB410)
TKR6635C – Center Diff Top Plate and Fan Mount (carbon fiber, EB410)
TKR6670 – Spur Gear (70t, 48pitch, composite, black, EB410)
TKR6543B – Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, D Block for diff riser, EB410)
TKR6542B – Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, C Block for diff riser, EB410)
TKR6563A – Aluminum Servo Horn (25T, standard, low profile, M3 clamp, EB410)
TKR6786 – Shock Spring Set (front, 1.3×8.13, 3.62lb/in, 45mm, orange)

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