Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Traxxas Heavy-Duty Chassis Brace for the Rustler 4×4/Slash 4×4

Traxxas Heavy-Duty Chassis Brace for the Rustler 4×4 and Slash 4×4 has just been announced. This brace will further strengthen the chassis and there is a choice of four colors.

Traxxas Heavy-Duty Chassis Brace for the Rustler 4x4/Slash 4x4


The heavy-duty chassis brace fits Slash 4X4 models equipped with the low-CG chassis and all Rustler 4X4 models. Made from thick extruded aluminum, the oval-shaped brace increases torsional rigidity and dramatically strengthens the chassis to reduce flex. Brilliantly anodized in four high-impact colors, the HD chassis brace provides structural reinforcement for high loads and hard landings. Whether you’re sending it at the skate park, or launching from a ramp, the heavy-duty chassis brace is built for extreme punishment.

A Perfect Factory Fit

The heavy-duty chassis brace includes mounts in the kit for both the Slash 4X4 with Low-CG chassis and Rustler 4X4 models. The mounts fit securely into existing mounting points on the chassis with no drilling required. Heavy-duty chassis braces are made by Traxxas, for Traxxas, so installation is easy with a perfect factory fit.


Available in four colors: Blue, Orange, Green and Red

For more information, visit: TRAXXAS

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