Thursday, March 30, 2023

Traxxas Premium Shock Oil

When it comes time to maintain your RC car or head to the bench for some shock tuning, you can now fill your Traxxas shocks or any RC shock for that matter with quality oil. Traxxas now has a complete line of premium silicone shock oil for all your RC needs. Available in seven weights, this 100% pure silicone oil allows precise vehicle suspension tuning for maximum performance, no matter where you drive. The precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap makes it quick and easy to fill shock bodies, without all the mess. The large 2 fl.oz bottle size is enough to fill all four shocks on most models. cSt viscosity specification ensures consistent performance with every bottle.

Traxxas Premium Shock Oil
Seven precise viscosities ranging from 20wt to 80wt
100% silicone oil for maximum consistency
Precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap
Large 2 fl. oz bottle size

Traxxas oil

Also Available is this Oil set with Carousel: 5083X


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