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Traxxas Slash Low-CG Conversion

Traxxas Slash Low-CG Conversion

Look at what we just got our grubby little hands on in the RC Driver offices…the one thing that Traxxas fans have been begging the TRX team to make probably since the Slash was unveiled, a Low-CG conversion kit. Well it’s finally here, it looks pretty cool, and we’re going to reveal what’s in the package and what it will do for you.

We live dangerously; we opened the new Low-CG conversion kit bag with our teeth, dumped it out on our bench and then neatly organized it. We’re civilized too you know. The bright blue chassis looks pretty cool and will certainly stand out on any Slash being converted. The new nose plate and nerf guards come in black, but Traxxas offers all these parts in other colors; they’re also available in blue or grey. All black looks stealthy and we think we might have to place an order soon.

Also included with the kit is any hardware you’ll need for the swap, battery foam blocks and front springs that work better with the chassis’ new handling characteristics. Beyond the parts we mentioned, there is also a battery strap along with the front and rear mounts. Why? Since they are the same as the Slash, we’re guessing it’s a throw in for drivers looking to convert other Traxxas vehicles like a Rustler or Stampede into a project or LCG SC machine.

When checking out the photo gallery, here are some things to notice.
• If you have your eye on the weight, everything included in the package weighs 12.2 oz.
• Reposition the servo to the center of the lower front plate for better balance.
• The new chassis set-up is one inch lower than the original Slash chassis.
• Traxxas’ speed controllers and Slash radio box can still bolt to the platform.
• The new chassis layout is narrower and the sides are slightly angled up to reduce scrub.
• Ribs on the bottom of the front plate and rear of the chassis reduce wear to the main surface areas and minimize scrub on landings.
• Chassis, front lower plate and nerf guards are available separately in blue, grey or black.
• Slots in the chassis allow electronic wires to route neatly.
• Complete bolt on kit that should take under an hour to complete.

Traxxas Slash Low-CG Conversion

WHAT IS IT: Low-CG conversion
INCLUDES: Chassis, lower front plate, nerf guards, battery strap and retainers, springs and hardware
TOOLS NEEDED TO INSTALL: 1.5mm and 2.0mm hex drivers, Phillips screwdriver, 5.5mm and 7mm nut driver

Slash owners wanted it and Traxxas delivered and they did so at the right price point, just under $40. This certainly looks like a worthy conversion and the truck you see in the pictures is the donor truck to test out the new Traxxas Low-CG Conversion Kit. Want to get the scoop on how it performs? See the full review in the April 2014 issue of RC Driver magazine; Real RC Reviews from Real Professionals.

Part #: 5830
Price: $36.00
Link: www.traxxas.com


  1. This is a real nice lcg chassis for the slash a big improvement over stock chassis together in 1 hour cost less the 40$

    • Yup. Both Greg and I drove the snot out of this truck at the track and were really impressed with the performance of it…with just the chassis swap.

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