Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Vanquish VS4-10 Phoenix Portal RC Crawler

To us, Vanquish products are among the best of the best. We don’t have a ton of Vanquish gear in our collection, but we do cherish each item that is there. One release that has had Greg’s attention is the VS4-10 Phoenix kit. It’s not a new kit, but it’s a much more affordable kit than other offerings in their line-up and there is a lot of hype surrounding this kit. So is it really worth it? In this video, we’ll go over everything this “budget” Vanquish kit has to offer and spoiler alert, it has some interesting features you need to see. We of course have some crawling action to show you too and it’s at a spot that will surely captivate crawler fans. We had fun with this feature video, let us know what you think when you’re done watching!

VS4-10 Phoenix Portal Crawler Kit
By: Vanquish Products
Part Number: VPS09007
Type: 1/10 4×4 Rock Crawler
Kit Type: Kit
Price: $399.99
Buy: https://bit.ly/3phEEAa
You’ll need: 2 Channel radio, servos, servo horns, ESC, Motor, Lead extensions, battery, charger, paint, building supplies.
Website: https://www.vanquishproducts.com/

Tekin RX4 ESC- https://bit.ly/3C258xe
Tekin Roc412 3100Kv Motor- https://bit.ly/3AmsPPL
Tekin T180 Servo- https://bit.ly/3bQ30hA
Tekin 360 Servo- https://bit.ly/3piEXL4
Tekin 3S LiPo- https://bit.ly/3QlIFja
Incision Light Kit- https://bit.ly/3QFGzKK
Vanquish Servo Arm- https://bit.ly/3SLBuSN

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