Wednesday, February 28, 2024

RPM A-Arms For Team Associated Off-road Vehicles

Add some serious crash protection with these new suspensions components. Shown here are front and rear RPM A-arms for Team Associated off-road vehicles including the Pro2 SC10, Trophy Rat and other related Associated models.

RPM A-Arms For Team Associated Off-road Vehicles

RPM Front and Rear A-arms for the Associated Pro2 SC10 and Trophy Rat are designed to improve crash survivability over stock A-arms. PRM started the process by increasing the amount of material surrounding the hinge pins. They then ditched the offset button head screws that prevent the hinge pins from sliding out. RPM’s new in-line screws are a tried and true method of improving strength simply by eliminating extra holes in the a-arms. Fewer holes means fewer places for cracks to start.

RPM A-Arms For Team Associated Off-road Vehicles
#72132 Front A-arms – Black

The support beams on the RPM A-arms also gained some muscle. At their thickest, stock front a-arms are roughly 0.3” (7.62mm) thick. Rear a-arms are about 0.37” (9.4mm) at the thickest point, tapering down to 0.27” (6.86mm) at their thinnest. That amounts to a loss of nearly 30% of their thickness at the outer hinge pins. Not with RPM! The RPM A-arms are a full 0.4” (10.16mm) thick over nearly their entire length. They only taper them slightly at the hinge pins to match the maximum size allowable of the hinge pin bosses. Additionally, the width of the A-arm support beams are beefier as well.

RPM A-Arms For Team Associated Off-road Vehicles
#72172 Rear A-arms – Black

All RPM A-arms are molded from RPM’s nearly indestructible blend of engineering grade nylons for performance you can trust.

Compatibility Notes: RPM Front & Rear A-arms fit the following Team Associated vehicles: Pro2 SC10, Trophy Rat, ProSC10, ReflexDB10, RC10T5M & RC10SC5M running Associated #71015 A-arms.

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