Saturday, June 15, 2024

XRAY GTX8 2021 1/8 Nitro GT

Latest on-road competition racing car announced…the XRAY GTX8 2021 1/8 Nitro GT car. The GTX8 is a premium, professional, high-end competition RC car for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the smallest details and backed by premium service & support.

XRAY GTX8 2021 1/8 Nitro GT

All-new Features:

  • XRAY GTX8 2021 1/8 Nitro GT All-new reinforced chassis for increased stability
  • All-new C-hub suspension refined for GT platform
  • Improved handling characteristics with increased steering and more predictable handling
  • All-new front shock tower redesigned for C-hub suspension
  • All-new 2-speed alu gear carrier for improved shifting consistency
  • All-new pre-glued super-efficient brake pads for more constant response and improved braking efficiency
  • Now includes the hard radio box to eliminate thread stripping, increase the receiver battery volume and reduce servo movement during operation
  • Now includes front and rear 13T pinion gears for improved drive train efficiency and improved acceleration from the higher 3.54 ratio
  • New +2mm offset wheel hubs for increased stability
  • All-new longer front & rear shock shafts +3mm for increased set-up possibilities
  • All-new fuel tank with transient jet for more consistent tank pressure and to ensure constant volume
  • All-new ball-bearings with grease for pinion gears and diff housing for increased lifetime and reliability

Get an in-depth look by going to the GTX8 2021 homepage…HERE!


Click here for the XRAY homepage: TEAMXRAY

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