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ARRMA Nero 6S BLX Monster Truck Week-Day 1: Unboxing

ARRMA Nero Monster Truck

For a few months now, Hobbico has been teasing the RC masses with sneak peek videos of their new release, the ARRMA Nero 6S BLX. Vague, super sci-fi looking videos tantalized fans, but cut to the end before any real info was revealed. Well, the news is out and the Nero is about to hit the streets.

We, at RC Driver, heard about the truck quite a while ago, but didn’t know exactly what the details would be. We knew it was going to be big, but that was about all. Since its arrival at our offices, we’ve really dug into it to see what it is all about, so let’s break it down over the next five days in our RC Driver ARRMA NERO VEHICLE WEEK!

– DAY ONE –  

We’re taking a look at the ARRMA Nero 6S BLX as you pull it from the box, but before you tap the play button on our video below, let’s chat;

Diff Brain … two words, but they mean so much more. What is it you ask?

Well, I’m no scientific type, but essentially, it allows for the use of three different diff locking servos through a single channel on the Tactic TTX330 radio. That’s right, no multiple knobs for this diff and that. One, CLEARLY LABELED (so you know exactly what mode you’re in at a glance) knob that controls all four driving modes!

Speaking of driving modes, you get four of them courtesy of this Diff Brain.

BLAST MODE is for all purpose running with all the diffs unlocked, as you would do with any Monster Truck.

WHEELIE MODE locks up the center diff so that the power is equally distributed to the front and rear diffs, even when the front wheels are off the ground.

DRIFT MODE locks the rear and center diffs down for some sweet sliding action on loose dirt or asphalt surfaces coated with a layer of sand and dust.

CLIMB MODE locks up all three diffs for the ultimate in traction while traversing piles of rubble, stones or logs at lower speeds.

Add to the mix that the Nero is capable of speeds exceeding 60 mph on 6S power and is fully waterproof and you’ve got yourself one heck of a recipe for fun!

WHO IT’S FOR: Anyone
HOW MUCH: $799.99



Length: 21.9 in. (555mm)
Width: 18.11 in. (460mm)
Wheelbase: 14.9 in. (378mm)
Weight: 13 lbs 4 oz. (without batteries)

Body, wheels and tires
Body: Pre-painted MT body
Wheels: Black multi-spoke
Wheel adapter type: 17mm
Tires: dBoots Sand Scorpion MT

Type: 4-wheel independent
Shock positions: (F) 4-tower, 1-rocker, (R) 4-tower, 1-rocker
Camber: Fully adjustable pillow balls
Roll: N/A
Wheelbase: Fixed
Ride height: Pre-load collars on shocks

Type: Bell crank with saver
Toe: Fully adjustable links (front only)

Type: Side plate with exoskeleton
Material: Alloy and composite
Thickness: Varies

Type: 4WD
Transmission: Bevel gear diff
Differential: Bevel type
Clutch Type: Slipper
Bearings: Full set


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