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Greg Vogel

HPI Racing Super 5SC Flux

  The HPI Racing Super 5SC Flux is big, it’s fast, it’s a ton of fun to drive, and it’s unfortunate that HPI decided to put this kit into the discontinued folder, but many owners are still having fun with …

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Set Up Suspension and Shocks

Suspension Camber

Get an A+ in Geometry 101   So let’s say you’ve just entered the RC car world and you’re ready to start tuning your ride, but you haven’t the first clue on where to start. You’re a backyard warrior, skate …

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Radient Primal Multi-Chemistry Charger

RADIENT primal multi-chem-charger

So let’s say you’re new to the world of RC and you’re in need of a nice new charger to go with your shiny new ride or you’re the lucky recipient of a new or used RC vehicle that either …

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Mount a Body With Dynamite’s EZ Body Post Marker Set

Since the beginning of my hobby career, I’ve always spent way too much time trying to simplify mounting bodies. Over the years, I’ve come up with a number of tips and techniques that have made the job easier, but it …

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Show Stopper Yeah Racing ESC LED Light Kit Set

Yeah Racing ESC LED

For those who like the show side of the hobby, here is a cool item from Yeah Racing that will add more wow factor to your custom build, the Yeah Racing ESC LED Light Kit Set. This 6mm thick clear …

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Paint like a pro with Parma precut graphics

Here’s a problem I know some of you have. You’re out at the track practicing all the time and you’re getting good and winning races on a regular basis but this leaves you no time to do fancy paint jobs, …

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Team Associated ProLite 4×4 Short Course Truck Action

Team Associated ProLite 4x4 SC

Team Associated is a leader in a number of competition segments and they are going after the entry-level fun crowd too. The ProLite 4×4 is built with quality, ease-of-use and durability in mind. It features a simple shaft drive design …

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Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks

Pro-Line Shocks

It was late in the summer when I attended the 2013 RCM Short Course Nationals in Enfield, Connecticut, and pitted behind me was Gerardo Gonzalez of Pro-Line Racing. Gerardo always has some pretty trick rides to run and this year …

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Traxxas Low-CG Slash 2WD Chassis

The Traxxas Slash is, of course, credited with the launch of the popular short course market. The truck brought the fun and excitement of a short course truck to RC drivers of all calibers. The draw was realistic looks on …

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Boom Racing Tamiya XV-01 Upgrades


Tamiya XV-01 owners looking to take this versatile platform to the next level should check out the new aluminum upgrades from Boom Racing. Over at AsiaTees, they have installed a number of upgrades on a project machine and the parts …

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Thunder Tiger ST4 G3 Action

Thunder Tiger ST4 G3

The Thunder Tiger ST-4 G3 is loosely based off the ST-1, a 1/8-scale stadium truggy, as it shares race-proven suspension components and drivetrain parts. The G3 has a bulky center section like a monster truck and aggressive overall looks. The …

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RC4WD New D44 Modular Axles

RC4WD D44 Axle

RC4WD’s new D44 Axle parts allow you buy each component in the axle assembly individually, basically allowing you to build your own custom axles for your off-road machine. Offset diff housings or centered, narrow width or wide, you can pick …

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Use RB Fuel Accessories To Your Advantage

Nitro racers often look for every possible little advantage they can get to put them into a top spot in the A-main. If you are one of those drivers looking for the right parts to get you to a victory, …

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Team Durango Confirms All-New 1/8-Scale Vehicles

Team Durango has informed us that after months of forum talk and public speculation created by Pro racer Ryan Lutz publicly testing his DNX8 Nitro Buggy Prototype that there will in fact be an entirely new line of Team Durango …

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Vaterra Nissan Silvia S15 V100-C 1/10 RTR

The Nissan Silvia was possibly one of Japan’s finest tuner vehicles available stateside throughout the ‘90s and a dominant force on the circuit. The last variant of the Nissan Silvia sadly wasn’t available in the states, and that is a …

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