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Program Your Speed Control With Your Phone – Tekin Hotwire 3.0 Bluetooth

The ability to tweak and tune the programming of your speed control to better performance is something racers take advantage of at RC events everywhere. For years we thought it was so cool to hook up your ESC to a laptop and tune things like throttle curves and braking function, plus a lot more. But the hinderance here was you had to carry around a laptop and not everyone wants to bring their laptop to a dirty RC race. But things just got a whole heck of a lot easier for Tekin owners with their newer ESC line that has the Easy Data Port. Tekin has released the Hotwire 3.0 and it is Bluetooth enabled! Yes, that means you can download the new Tekin Hotwire app and program your speed controller right from your phone. That means at the track, while you’re posting pics of your car to social media, you can switch right over and add a little bit of drag brake to your ESC or tune some other feature through the Hotwire 3.0. How cool is that? In this video, we show you how easy the Hotwire 3.0 is to use and give you a quick run through of what the app looks like. This new Tekin release makes dialing in performance so much easier!

Product: Hotwire 3.0 Bluetooth
By: Tekin
Part Number: TT1452
Price: $65.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2yqo9oX

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